How Did Amy Winehouse Die? Family Offers Theory

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The Cure Becoming the Killer for Amy Winehouse

The shocking death of the 27 year old Amy Winehouse took the music world by storm; however, even more incredible is the fact that people close to the singer, including members of her family, have reason to believe that Winehouse actually died from alcohol withdrawl.

The singer, who once famously recorded “They tryna make me go to rehab, but I won’t go, go, go” was actually taking her health and alcohol intake very seriously in anticipation of recording a new album and world tour, say family members.

Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment, but there is as yet no evidence of any drug or alcohol abuse, which she was famous for, as well as loudly uttering racial slurs and becoming generally socially unacceptable during her frequent binges.

Members of the singer’s family expressed regret that Winehouse was finally getting her life together on a personal level and that her life was taken from her at a juncture in which everyone expected her to become a new person.

“It is really sad; we are all just devastated. Not just because she was a great part of our family, but because she was our Amy, our little Amy,” gushed a family member who wished to remain unidentified.

How Did Amy Winehouse Die? Family Offers Theory
How Did Amy Winehouse Die? Family Offers Theory


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