Facebook Made Bono More Money Than His Music; But Not Richest Yet

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Facebook Made Bono More Money Than His Music; But Not Richest Yet

Bono is suddenly one of the world’s richest rock stars, despite his own business taking a nose-dive. But it is not U2’s music sales where he raked in his millions, he simply invested in Facebook. But he has not overtaken Paul McCartney yet. Read on to find out how.

U2 may be in the bottom half of best-selling bands, but Bono is suddenly incredibly rich.  But it is more due to his shrewd sense of investment, than any kind of musical talent.

Turns out, Bono’s investment group Elevation Partners had the good sense to invest in a certain Mark Zuckerberg, “having bought a 2.3 percent share of the social media site for nearly $86 million in 2009,” The Independent is reporting.

But Bono is not the world’s richest musicians, as many sites are reporting. And no, he has not overtaken Cartney in wealth.

“the $1.4 billion will be split between the six founding partners of Elevation Partners, which only get 20 percent of profits.”  the source said.

In the mean time, Bono’s own clothing company, Edun continues to suffer losses.

According to Contact Music, Bono likes to fly his hats into countries in $1000 flights. But the man undeniably has the dough to do whatever he seemingly feels like. With every one in seven people in the planet now using Facebook, it would seem that Bono’s might now send his hats to outer-space if he feels like it.

The company has made more money than U2 ever has, whose record sales are only a (comparatively) paltry 150 million. But according to Forbes, Bono himself is still a little ways bit behind Madonna, whose Rebel Heart tour is suddenly making her incredibly rich.

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