‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: Season 9, Episode 11 – ‘Bedtime Stories’

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When show creator Craig Thomas revealed that the next episode of the show was going to be entirely in rhymes, the Internet exploded with comments and opinions that the creators of the show had run out of ideas.

Thomas and co-creator Carter Bays have been known to add a funky episode on the show every season. Although many of us are not a big fan of musical episodes, its nice to see the creators putting in an effort to give us that refreshing change of pace.

However, there is some relevance to the Internet’s opinion that the episode takes us or the story anywhere. No progress is seen throughout the episode and thus it just serves as a filler.

The episode is housed around goofy and rather irrelevant in terms of progress to the show and concern Robin, Ted and Barney.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney’s tale of rhymes concerns itself with Barney being spotted for illegally (according to the bro code) picking up a girl who isn’t within the boundary of his borough. All the bros round him up and hold a meeting and they all look exactly like Barney just like always in Barneys tales of adventure. The meeting discusses the issue and upon it not going Barney’s way, he winds up killing all of them by adding poison to their drinks and all them either fall back on their chairs or face first on the table. Barney wins!

Mosby at the bat

Moving on to Ted. Ted’s tale starts off with encounter with a hot new physics professor who subtly invites him to a date. But, there’s a twist. Ted is not aware whether it’s an actual date or just a simple dinner. He is more put off by the fact that he receives a hand shake rather than a hug. However as the dinner progresses, Ted finds out that he actually is on a date, however, he also finds out that the physics professor has also slept with Barney in the past.

Barney invents the ‘Date line’ which determines what an actual date is and what isn’t.’

Lastly we find Robin in her tale where she has just gotten through a major breakup and seems to be withered and sagged down by her emotional trauma and simply does not care currently for her appearance. While casually eating a pastry at the shop, her ex, Simon, played by James Van Der Beek, shows up and tells her that he’s getting married to Louiz Marsh (the girl whom he left Robin for twice). This news leads Robin to do something very destructive and that something is, stealing Simon’s wedding cake and eating it at the apartment upstairs from Mclarens. After devouring half of the ginormous cake Robin appears to be realizing what she’s done but lo and behold, Lily shows up to buck her up and tells her to continue. When she’s done with the cake, Robin chugs down a whole keg which Barney conveniently brought as the whole charade had turned into a party by that time.

As the episode draws to a close, Marshall’s bus breaks down and he finds out that the Farhampton inn is 5 miles away. Marshall dares to walk to the inn.
Marshall has decided to walk for it meaning that we still won’t be seeing him reuniting with the gang anytime soon. What do you guys think? Will get back to them in the next couple of episodes? Or will he make it there just a couple of hours or minutes before the wedding?

That was it for this week’s episode. Catch How I Met Your Mother’s next episode when Barney will have a crazy idea for his rehearsal dinner. Ok, we won’t mention it here so as not to spoil the fun for you guys. Apart from that, Robin reminds Barney of their prior decision to get wed in Canada. Its all fun and gags as you get to hear a few more jokes about Canada and as usual Barney gets all worked up with having to do anything with Canada.

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