How is Paul Walker Being Replaced in Fast and Furious 7? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
How is Paul Walker Being Replaced in Fast and Furious 7? [WATCH VIDEO]
Fast Five cast (Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris & the Rock: Dwayne Johnson) with Natalie Morales for NBC ‘The Today Show’. Date 13 April 2011 Source P1050674 Author Jack Zalium/Wikimedia Commons

“Fast and Furious 7” reportedly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, including a scene in the historic Oakland Cemetery. The late Paul Walker along with Vin Diesel, Atlanta’s own Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, and other members of the F&F family can be seen in the trailer below. Read on for MNG’s “Fast & Furious 7″ update to learn more about its filming progress.

Walker’s death in Nov. 30, 2013 due to a tragic car crash halted the project, which also filmed extensively in downtown Atlanta and in other locations including the Fort Stewart site and a manufacturing warehouse in Norcross.

The production of “Fast and Furious 7” eventually resumed with some major changes made to the film in order to work around the star’s shocking death at the age of 40.

Production shut down for some time, the release date was pushed back, the script re-written and the cast and crew along with fans were given time to grieve. Ultimately, an announcement that Walker’s two brothers Cody and Caleb would be stepping in to help new director James Wan and the rest of the cast and crew complete the film.

But how the team will make “Fast and Furious 7” the best film in the franchise yet without franchise superstar Paul Walker available to complete his scenes remained the big question.

So we at MNG have compiled the details of the change management in the production of “Fast and Furious 7”

The Plot:

“They are finishing the film more or less as scripted, replacing Paul with [computer-generated] face replacement.” revealed a source close to the production team to The Hollywood Reporter.

This means that  the movie scripts remain the same and any modifications will likely come towards the concluding scenes of the film where Walker’s character Brian will have to be given a respectable send off before bowing out of the next films to come in the franchise.

Walker brothers:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 36 -year old Caleb is for the most part used for his comparable body size and gesture to Paul. On the other hand, Cody is being used for closer shots, due to his mystifying resemblance with Paul and similarities between his and Paul’s eyes. Another actor is being used to complete the performance aspect.

We hope that he will do justice to Paul Walker’s character Brian.


Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital which is the company behind some of the most groundbreaking special effects of the last few decades will be handling the special  effects work.

So while the budget is rising radically, it looks as though the team behind ‘Fast and Furious 7’ are trying their best on making sure that fans get an amazing experience of watching Paul Walker on the big screen again.

Let’s hope that ‘Fast and Furious 7’ is the farewell  that the late Paul Walker deserves.

That’s it for the “Fast & Furious 7″ update. Keep reading on as we at Movie News Guide (MNG) are coming up with more spoilers and news on “Fast & Furious 7,” soon. You can also click HERE to see pictures of the “Fast and Furious 7” set.

Check out the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/MyCanon


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