How Justin Bieber Reacts to Selena’s F-Bomb!

By admin | 4 years ago

Selena Gomez is usually taken as a classy and sophisticated girl but she recently shocked her fans as she dropped F-Bomb during her Jingle Ball performance. The good girl is currently facing a fan backlash after she blurted out, “What the f**k!?” while on stage at the KISS FM Jingle Ball on Dec. 6.

Though this little slip-up by Ms. Gomez is nothing when we compare it to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s recent bad persona, and that’s why if anyone can relate to the Selena’s current struggles, it’s nobody other than Justin! He is always criticized for what he does, and so he’s not surprised what happened to Selena, as reported by Hollywood Life.

We can clearly understand the pressure that Salena might be feeling afer she accidentally swore at the Jingle Ball. In addition to it, she also ran into major audio problems during her performance which also revealed that the “Come & Get It” singer was lip-syncing. It really doubled her embarrassment and she was visibly upset at the stage.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin is always attacked for what he does, and he knows it’s not only with him, it will happen to anyone out there, especially Selena. He has heard about it but he doesn’t care at all.

That’s the message Justin passes to Salena that there’s no need to sweat the small stuff. And we hope Selena will listen to him as well!

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