How The Mummy & The New Monster Universe Can Make It

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
How The Mummy & The New Monster Universe Can Make It
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After almost ten years, the horror-adventure franchise The Mummy is coming back to the big screen and, this time around, it has a new hero. Tom Cruise has replaced Brendan Fraser in the 2017 reboot, but does it have something new to offer the audience?

Reinventing The Monster Universe

The monsters in Universal’s planned Monster Universe are already quite familiar to the audience. A lot of them are based on properties already in public domain like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Black Lagoon, etc. But the fact that they are already familiar means that Hollywood needs to reinvent their stories in order to entice viewers into paying for a new experience.

The most promising information about the new Monster Universe is director Alex Kurtzman’s promise that there would not be crossovers until the creatures are all properly introduced. The problem with movies like Avengers or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they ought to preview everything that the studio wants to release in the future. Because these terrifying monsters are being reinvented in the modern time and for the new generation, their stories need to be established in order to be terrifying and engaging.

Moreover, the new movie franchise answers the question on how will humanity react to the existence of these monsters. Kurtzman also revealed that these stories are set in the real world. So, what the viewers can expect is a look into their own selves.

“[We asked ourselves] ‘What would it be like if we took a real monster and put that monster in our world?'” The filmmaker said in a previous interview with Coming Soon that the point where magic and science meet is something that he has always been interested.

Finding Humanity In Monsters

Moreover, Kurtzman stated that these monsters are relevant because they are reflections of humanity. The director told USA Today that he fell in love with Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula because “they say something about who we are.” That is exactly what he wants to bring in The Mummy and to the rest of the Monster Universe.

The Mummy And Other Monsters

Universal’s new movie franchise will kick off with the upcoming horror/adventure movie. It was initially meant, to begin with Dracula Untold in 2014, but due to bad reception, it was scrapped. Even the story of Bram Stoker’s monster will be retold at some point.

So far, only two prominent characters from the new Monster Universe have appeared: the titular monster named Ahmanet and Dr. Jekyll.

The latter is, of course, based on the characters created by Robert Louis Stevenson. But Russel Crowe’s version of the character will serve as the link to the many movies planned by Universal. As Dr. Henry Jekyll, he is the head of an organization tasked to track down various monsters around the world.

Meanwhile, Ahmanet is an ancient Egyptian princess whose search for power ultimately caused her demise. She was buried in a sarcophagus for millennia until a team of excavators unearthed her tomb and unleashed her evil.

Ahmanet’s powers include super strength, immediate regeneration, summoning storms and crows and immortality. The exact limit of her abilities are yet to be explored, but Kurtzman also stated that she has control over romance and entrancement. Fans will likely see more when The Mummy opens on Jun. 9.

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is also due for a retelling. Johnny Depp will star in the upcoming movie. Details are scarce, but Krutzman will reportedly still be involved.

Other movies in development are Frankenstein which will star Javier Bardem as the monster and The Wolfman with Dwayne Johnson rumored to be in talks for the lead role.

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