How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Best Christmas Ever

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Best Christmas Ever
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How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 11 “Best Christmas Ever” aired last Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the flashbacks recount how Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis), Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), Asher Millstoe (Matt McGorry), Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay), Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) spent their Christmas break. After they returned for the new semester, Laurel tried her best to keep the group intact so that no one would crack. Meanwhile, Annelise took on a new case in which a woman had helped her husband hold two girls hostage while she tried to avoid Hannah Keating (Marcia Gay Harden) who continued to pry into things. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at a hotel in Philadelphia. Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis) stayed in a room drinking and eating until New Year’s. Afterwards, she went back home. She was greeted by Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) who informed her that Hannah Keating (Marcia Gay Harden) was upstairs. She had been waiting for Annelise to come back home from her trip, in which she claimed that she had gone to her mother’s house. Hannah still couldn’t believe that Sam (Tom Verica) was capable of being a murderer. Annelise handed her the evidence box which she had used in court so that she could see it for herself.

Back in class, Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) was relieved to see all of them in class, and hugged Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch). Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) then questioned Michaela Pratt’s (Aja Naomi King) new ring because they all-new that she had lost her ring during “murder night.” Michaela then told them that her holidays were perfect. She and her fiancé, Aiden Walker (Elliot Knight) had gone to the Hamptons. They had celebrated New Year’s at the Gracie Mansion with the governor. After Connor asked if Annelise had gotten rid yet of Hannah, they all were surprised by this as Annelise had not mentioned this to them.

Wes then confronted Annelise who told him that she had not told him about it. It was because she was taking care of it, and because she didn’t want him to worry any more than he already had to. He then told her that Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) was doing well, and admitted that he was very tired. They were then interrupted by Bonnie who informed them that they had a walk-in client. She turned out to be a real client as she wanted to send her husband to jail because he kept two girls hostage in their basement.

The scene then went back to how Wes and Rebecca spent their Christmas vacation. On Christmas day, Rebecca told Wes that he hadn’t had that much nightmare the night before. Wes then became a little bit intrigued about Rudy, the previous inhabitant of his room. He is the one who left the scratches above the bed, as he had been sent some money and a card by his grandmother.

It turned out that she, Jackie Groves (Jackie Geary) had run away from home when she was only sixteen years old. She then had met her husband, Vince Groves (James Logan), who married her and promised to take care of her. However, he hurt her. When she couldn’t become pregnant, he abducted another girl named Rachel and another named Lynn. According to Jackie, Lynn had gotten pregnant again. It was because she was about to give birth, she wanted Lynn to be saved because “our daughter” had been born stillborn. Afterwards, the entire group wanted Annelise to drop the case immediately. She reminded them that Jackie was a victim and that they had to help her since she was finally doing the right thing.

Annelise then was able to get a good plea deal from the District Attorney so that Jackie wouldn’t serve any jail time. She then prepared Jackie so that her testimony could be used in her defense and had Bonnie tape the entire thing, just in case. While this happened, the SWAT team of the local police barged into the Groves’ home. They arrested Vince and rescued Rachael and Lynn, who were inside the basement.

As soon as Annelise finished her interview with Jackie, she ran into Hannah. She informed her that the detectives on Sam’s case discovered that a police officer’s wife somewhere. The upstate New York had called to tell them that she had seen Sam somewhere around there. However, Annelise was surprised by this new development as no one had bothered telling her.

The scene then flashed back to Christmas Day. Laurel was having Christmas lunch with her family at West Palm Beach. She became annoyed that no one had asked her how she was because they were too busy talking about golf, business, and nannies. Then, she told them everything/ She was dating two guys at once and she was working for a professor whose husband was a murder suspect. Her father then got insulted. It was after she told them that she would rather talk about that than golf, and kicked her out of the table. She then left with a broad smile on her face.

Back at the present, at the courthouse, she told Frank that he should take care of Connor’s car as it was loaded with forensic evidence. He then told her not to be careless in court and told her that he was handling things. Laurel then found it strange that Asher suddenly then came up to Frank and invited him to go drinking with him later that night.

Inside the courtroom, the judge would not allow Jackie to go free. It was unless the two girls that had been held hostage appeared in court in a private session. Because of this, Annelise told them to draft questions that would help Jackie’s plea deal. After she left, Asher decided not to work anymore on the case. When he said this, Bonnie snapped back. She told him that he could leave the firm. It surprised Asher as he could actually file a sexual harassment suit against her.

Later that night, Annelise noticed that Hannah had followed her in her car as she visited Nate Lahey’s (Billy Brown) place. There, Nate told Annelise that he had told his wife about their affair, to which she had given her blessing.

Meanwhile, Wes fell asleep on his case papers again. He dreamt that he was locked away in a basement. Rebecca thought it was an improvement since Wes was currently working on a case that involved that sort of thing at the moment.

The scene then flash backed to Christmas Day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Connor admitted to his sister that he actually had a boyfriend. Back in the present day, Connor visited Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and gave him a present. He told him that he had made reservations for them to had dinner. However, Oliver told him that they weren’t dating, and couldn’t understand why Connor was being so carefree. He wasn’t taking care of his supposed drug problem. After a little while, Oliver allowed Connor to stay while they watched “The Thornbirds.” Afterwards, Connor started to panic as he had discovered that his SUV had been stolen. After informing the other three, Laurel suggested that he inform Frank. He openly wondered out loud why Connor didn’t go to the police to report that it was stolen.

In court, the two girls testified that Jackie had indeed taken care of them. However, Annelise was surprised to learn that Jackie actually drugged them before her husband raped them so that they wouldn’t remember that being done to them, because according to her, who had been raped before, having those memories are way worse than when it actually happens to someone.

Back in the office, Bonnie instructed them to find anything that would still help their case, as Annelise still believed that Jackie was worth saving. However, Asher, who was still annoyed at the case and Bonnie disrespected her in front of everyone again.

Afterwards, Laurel went over to Frank. She told him that she knew that he had stolen and destroyed Connor’s car because of what she had said before in court. She then told him that she knew that Frank was now Asher’s drinking buddy so that Asher would not get suspicious about any of them.

Back in the living room, Wes realized that Jackie had let it slip in the interview that had been recorded that she referred to Lynn’s first baby, the stillborn daughter, as “our daughter.” Based on that, he deduced that the girl was still alive and that Jackie was secretly taking care of her. After Annelise confronted Jackie about this, Jackie admitted that she had the baby girl, named Heather. She told her husband that she had died because he was starting to look at her in a sexual manner. She then told Annelise that she would tell her where Heather was as soon as she got her plea deal. She also informed Annelise that Heather was alone, save for a stuffed giraffe.

While they waited, Asher insulted Bonnie in front of everyone once again. Because of this, Bonnie pulled him aside. She apologized for what had happened between them. Asher then revealed that he had gotten hurt by her because she, the only person that never made fun of him before, was now insulting him. He then apologized and told her that he would stop “being a jerk.”

Annelise then reentered the holding room. She told Jackie that she had gotten her deal. Jackie then informed Annelise of where she was keeping Heather. The police were able to rescue her, and gave her to her rightful mother, Lynn. Afterwards, Annelise revealed to Jackie that she had lied about the plea deal and withdrew from being her lawyer.

Back at the Keating house, Laurel tried to get Connor and Michaela to talk and confide in each other. They wouldn’t crack and so that wouldn’t get caught. Laurel initiated it by telling them that she was back with Kahn and that she had just had the worst Christmas lunch ever. Wes then told them that he couldn’t sleep “without getting nightmares.” The scene then flash backed to New Year’s Day at the Gracie Mansion. Aiden postponed their wedding. Michaela embarrassed him after she drank too many glasses of champagne. Just as Connor tried to back inside the house, Hannah arrived and introduced herself to them.

Inside, Hannah told Bonnie that the evidence files didn’t help her at all. She wondered why Annelise couldn’t handle this case. Because of this, Frank informed Annelise that Hannah’s snooping around was making “the kids” nervous. He then offered to take care of her. Annelise reassured him that she would handle Hannah herself. It was also revealed that Frank was the one who had paid off the police officer’s wife in upstate New York to say. She had seen Sam in order to keep up the ruse that he was on the run.

Over dinner, after Hannah told her that she had enough of her pretense, Annelise admitted her affair with Nate. She revealed to her that she had known about Sam and Lila three months ago, and not the night before Sam had disappeared. He told her that she had done her best to help Sam, to the point that she had destroyed evidence for him. Hannah then revealed that she had hoped that Annelise was hiding Sam and finally accepted that Sam was gone.

Connor then when over to Oliver’s who kissed him. Connor then begged him to keep their relationship alive. It was because Oliver was the only person he could actually trust at the moment.

Afterwards, Rebecca told Wes that they now had a big problem on their hands. The police had just found Sam’s remains in a nearby landfill.

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