How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole
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How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 6 “Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole” aired last Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, on ABC. In this episode, Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis) and her team worked their first appeal as they tried to give a client on death row another chance at life. However, during the course of their investigation, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) learned that his father had something to do with the original conviction of their client. Meanwhile, Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch) told Annelise that he would come back on the condition that they get their client and his neighbor Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) back. The flash forwards in this episode dealt mainly with Asher and his whereabouts during the bonfire. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Five weeks before Professor Annelise Keating’s (Viola Davis) husband was murdered, Annelise dismissed the class early as something urgent had come up. She then told the “Keating 5” to stick around as they had a new case. However, everyone noticed that Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch), who had won the trophy, was absent.

Annelise then told them that they would be working their first appeal on a case. It is a case she had encountered 21 years ago when she was still a law student. David Allen (Peter Macon), who had been convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Tricia Stanley, was convicted and sentenced to die of lethal injection in two weeks’ time, even though everything against him was purely circumstantial. However, they had just been given the chance to make David Allen, who had claimed to be innocent, a free man, as the court had just granted her request for an appeal, and an emergency hearing would be held in three days.

At Annelise’s office, they went over the proceedings of the court for that day. They learned that the judge who had presided  over the trial was Asher Millstone’s (Matt McGorry) father, Judge William Millstone.

When Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) went to the kitchen to get some coffee, she encountered Anneliese’s associate, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), whom she had kissed the night before. However, she told him that it would never happen again.

She got back to the living room where they all were. Annelise came in with Wes and gave all of them assignments to follow up on.

Wes and Laurel discovered from the original defending attorney, George Gabler, that David Allen had an alibi on the night of the murder as he had been with someone named J. Wat. However, he had not put J. Wat on the stand as he was a junkie. If he put him on the stand, it would further discredit David Allen.

Annelise’s associate Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) and Asher spoke to the star eyewitness of the trial, Linda Merelli. They met her while she was bringing in her groceries from her car to her condominium unit owned by Green Ash Properties. However, she told them that she had seen David Allen holding a gun that night and stuck to her original testimony.

Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) and Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) paid a visit to the original prosecutor of the case, Assistant District Attorney Vince Travers. Annelise wanted to find out why he had abandoned the case in the middle of the trial. Travers claimed that he had dropped out in order to relax as he had gotten burnt out. Michaela persuaded him to tell the truth. She had discovered that two days after he left the trial, he started to work on a new case. He then told them that he had gotten an anonymous tip that there was perjured testimony in the case. He had brought this to Judge Millstone’s attention, who had done nothing about it, which led him to believe that there was “pressure to convict” and that the case might have been motivated by race as David Allen was African American.

Upset, Asher went to his house and looked at all of his father’s journals as he had recorded every day of his life in leather-bound journals. There, Asher discovered that the only day missing from the journals was they day that his father had supposedly met Travers regarding the case. He then confronted his father about it, as he realized that after the David Allen trial. He got his federal appointment, as his friend, Art Trucco, had put in a good word for him. His father refused to answer him and threw him out of the house. However, he was disappointed to learn that his father had profited out of the conviction that sentenced an innocent man to death row.

At prison, Annelise discovered that David had met J. Wat on the night Tricia had been killed as he had given him a suit for a job interview. Afterwards, when he had gone to Tricia’s, he learned that Tricia had been killed. Annelise asked Bonnie to look for J. Wat, but, unfortunately, he died due to overdose 15 months ago.

Back at Annelise’s office, he struck a deal with her. In exchange for information, he would get the trophy, and his father’s name would be left out of the investigation and the case. Annelise then informed them to investigate Art Trucco and to find out why had needed David Allen to be convicted so badly.  

Next morning, while everyone else had fallen asleep on couches and desks, Frank sneaked out of the office. Laurel then confronted him and asked him if he was going to try to look for Rebecca. Frank refused to tell her anything. Bonnie, who had seen the whole thing, pulled Laurel aside and told her to stop leading Frank on, as she knew that “rich girls” like Laurel didn't end up with men like Frank. Except, Frank did not know that Laurel was rich.

At the prison, Annelise gained new information from David that Art Trucco, who was now a State Senator, had been raising the rents of the poor African Americans who rented out his properties in a bid to force them out. He did this so that he could create bigger and better developments and that Tricia had led the charge against him.

Back in the office, Asher discovered that Trucco owned Green Ash Properties. He then informed them that Linda Merelli, the star eyewitness of the case, lived in a condominium owned by Senator Trucco.

 At court, they learned that at that time, Linda Merelli was going to be evicted as she was not able to pay her rent. However, after she gave her testimony, and it seemed like all her rent problems had vanished. Because of this, they issued a subpoena for Senator Trucco to appear in court. There, it was discovered that ten days before she was killed, Tricia filed an injunction against Trucco’s development as it would force thousands of poor people to lose their homes. However, after she had been murdered, the injunction was “struck down” and his development had gone on without a hitch. Annelise was getting emotional in asking the Senator. She wanted to know if he had Tricia murdered and if he had convinced Linda Merelli to testify against David Allen. Then, the head judge told Annelise to stop.

After a short recess, the judges informed them that Annelise’s case was mostly built on speculation. The prosecutor’s case was built on speculation and on eyewitness testimony that they had no faith in. They decided to open an investigation on the Senator and Linda Merelli. They also ruled that because of this, they had decided to take back David Allen’s death sentence and prohibited that there should ever be a retrial on this case against him. This meant that he could finally go home.

 Later, at the office, Frank tried to help Laurel, who had dropped several folders. However, she told him that he should stop coming after her as she was into him.

At the beginning of the David Allen trial, five weeks ago, as Wes did not show up for class, Annelise decided to pay him a visit. There, he told her that he wanted her to find Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) and to get her back. If not,  he would send a copy to the police that he knew that the man Lila Stangard had been sleeping with was Sam Keating (Tom Verica). In order to do this, Annelise asked her associate, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), to find out where Rebecca was staying. Afterwards, she asked him to plant Lila’s phone in her boyfriend’s, Griffin O’Reily, car so that people would suspect him of murdering Lila. She also requested that Frank contact a friend of his to make sure that the origin of the pictures would be untraceable and changed the wallpaper in her bathroom.

Later, she informed Wes that since the police had found Lila’s phone in Griffin’s car, it was not safe for Rebecca to come back home.

In the master’s bedroom, she admitted to Sam that she had done everything possible to protect him as she loved him and needed him. However, they were interrupted by Wes, who had brought in Rebecca to them.

Outside, Annelise’s ex-boyfriend, Detective Nate Lahey (Billy Brown), was able to get pictures that showed that Frank had been planting something in Griffin’s car.

This week’s flash forwards dealt heavily with Asher,  what he was up to during the time of the murder and the bonfire. During the bonfire, he was in his room, getting all pumped up when he received a call from a girl. During their conversation, Asher told her that he was free that night. He did not really have to study so hard anymore now that he had the trophy. However, he noticed that his trophy was missing, he decided to get it back first.

He had noticed Connor’s car in the driveway to Annelise’s house. He figured that Wes, Michaela and Laurel were also inside. He then started pounding on the door, saying that he knew that they were there and demanded that Michaela give back the trophy. Inside, the Wes, Laurel, Connor, Michaela and Rebecca crouched down so that they would not be seen by Asher. Laurel then suggested that since he knew that they were there, that they should let him in so that he could be a part of it. Connor then realized that If they did let him in, they could probably rely on Asher’s judge father to help bail them out. Rebecca thought it was a good idea, especially if they got him to step on the blood. However, the knocking stopped as Michaela texted Asher that she was at the library.

After they got Sam’s body in Connor’s car, they debated on which gasoline station they should go to buy the supplies they needed to burn Sam’s body. As they debated, they almost ran into a man who was crossing the street while talking on the cell phone. They panicked, as the person they had almost hit was Asher. He did not notice them as a girl had called him to tell him that she wanted to go over to his place at that moment. After Asher had gone, Connor commented on how everything was “freakin’ whack-a-mole.”

In the next scene, the trophy was seen to be back on Asher’s shelf, and Asher, in bed, told his companion how annoyed he was with Laurel, Wes, Connor and Michaela, whom he thought had gone to the bonfire based on the pictures they had posted on social media. The woman beside him, Bonnie, who had slept with him, told him that nobody could know that they had hooked up that night. However, they were interrupted by a tearful Annelise, who called Bonnie to ask her if she was with Sam, because something “terrible had happened” as both Sam and her carpet rug were missing.

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