How to Get Away With Murder Recap: He Deserved to Die

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: He Deserved to Die
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How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 7 “He Deserved to Die” aired last Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the entire team focused on Rebecca Sutter’s (Katie Findlay) trial. The flash forwards for this week dealt heavily with Rebecca and what happened right after Sam Keating (Tom Verica) was killed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Two weeks before Sam Keating (Tom Verica), Professor Annelise Keating’s (Viola Davis) husband, was killed. She and her team started to prepare Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) for her trial. However, Rebecca did not take things seriously when it came to her testimony of what happened the night that Lila Stangard was murdered. Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) suggested that they take a five-minute break. It was interrupted as the news reported that somebody had told the media that Rebecca had been in a sexual relationship with her co-defendant, football star and Lila’s boyfriend, Griffin O’Reily (Lenny Platt). The report also claimed that Rebecca had manipulated Griffin into killing Lila. Both Lila and Griffin had a virginity pact, and Griffin had broken it due to his relationship with Rebecca.

At court, Annelise requested that the court grant them a court order to prevent anything like that from leaking to the media again. However, Mr. Keegan, Griffin’s lawyer, decided to take the opportunity to present new evidence that was found on Lila’s body. He had his own expert, Dr. Eric Turner, perform an autopsy on Lila. He informed them that they had found red marks on Lila’s neck which were fingernail puncture marks. Annelise knew that he had presented this evidence to imply that the fingernail marks were Rebecca’s in an attempt to pin the murder on her. He then asked that Lila’s body be exhumed so that they could perform another autopsy on it.

After the trial, outside the courtroom, Griffin tried to intimidate Rebecca. Luckily, Wes was there to intervene, and their respective lawyers pulled them away from each other.

Back at the office, Sam tried to get his wife to relax as she was getting stressed over the case.

In the living room, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) instructed Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), Wes, Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) to review the autopsy report done by Dr. Eric Turner. They wanted to find a way to discredit him based on the report. Bonnie also told them to think of other possible theories on why there were red marks on Lila’s neck. However, Frank refused to hand out the case folder directly to Laurel. As they got started, Michaela asked permission to leave early from Bonnie. She had been called to another law firm, Sterling and White. She was ecstatic as she thought that they were asking her there for a job interview.

However, they were interrupted by District Attorney Wendy Parks (Alysia Reiner). She was the one who gave Annelise a report from the District Attorney’s office that would discredit the testimony of Dr.Eric Turner. She herself could not use it in court as it would question many of the District Attorney’s cases. She had done this as they both did not want new evidence to turn up.

Back at court, Annelise revealed that there was an internal report from the District Attorney’s office that questioned the findings of Dr. Turner, specifically in a particular case in the past. It was also then revealed that he had been banned from helping the District Attorney’s office. They then presented the original medical examiner who had conducted the autopsy on Lila Stangard. He informed them that the red marks on Lila’s neck were insect bites that occurred after she had died. On their way out, Annelise told her students to find a way to convince Lila’s parents to publicly go against her exhumation so that Lila’s body would not be exhumed.

Later that night, Kan (Arjun Gupta), Laurel’s legal aid boyfriend, suggested that she think about joining him at the Legal Aid office as most of his employees had left him.

At Wes’ apartment, Rebecca informed Wes that Lila’s parents were not religious at all and that they had found it strange that Lila had agreed to a virginity pact with Griffin, who was religious. They then told Rebecca that after the trial was over, she should try to make something of herself, as it was not too late to do so. However, since it seemed like Rebecca did not want his help, he told her that he would stop. Much to his surprise, she encouraged him to keep on helping her. However, she suddenly left after he leaned forward in an attempt to kiss her.

The next day, Michaela was in for a surprise after she learned that she had been called to Sterling and White. She was being given a pre-nuptial agreement as Sterling and White represented her fiancee’s parents. However, when she got back to the office, she told the rest of her classmates that the interview had gone well.

Sam, sick and tired of Rebecca’s presence in the house, as she knew that he was Mr. Darcy, informed Annelise that he knew of a way to “get the Stangards to object to the second autopsy.” He told her that Lila’s parents “did not trust Griffin” as she was religious and that they believed that Griffin had “ulterior motives” for suggesting the virginity pact.  Thanks to this, Laurel was able to talk to Mrs. Stangard and convinced her to not allow the exhumation of Lila’s body, as doing so would only help Griffin go free.

At court, Mrs. Stangard informed them that she did not want Lila’s body to be exhumed as she wanted her daughter to rest in peace. Outside, Rebecca cried a little bit, as she informed Wes that she had considered Lila to be her friend.

However, they was surprised the following day at court. District Attorney Wendy Parks informed them that they hired an expert. They were told that the marks on Lila’s neck were consistent to fingernail puncture wounds coming from a woman’s hand, just like Mr. Keegan had said. Afterward, Annelise asked former Detective Nate Lahee (Billy Brown) to help her find out why Wendy had turned on them. However, Nate refused to help her, as she knew that Annelise was also trying to protect her own husband, which was why she had Frank plant Lila’s cell phone in Griffin’s car. She then ordered Wes, Asher and Connor to go the Thirsty Whale, as Wendy’s assistant, Ally Birnham, often goes to that bar to drink. Connor succeeded in getting Ally’s attention. But instead of finding information on Wendy, he asked her for advice regarding his relationship with Oliver. Asher and Wes were more successful, as Asher, who got very drunk later that night, managed to flirt with a girl who worked as a temp at Wendy’s office. They then discovered that Wendy had turned on Annelise as she and Mr. Keegan were working on a plea deal together so that Griffin would go free. However, if they could continue on pinning the murder on Rebecca, they would still be able to get a conviction.

While the boys were away, Rebecca told Laurel that she knew that her boyfriend was Kan and that she was thinking of switching jobs. She also knew that Laurel was indecisive about what to do as she probably liked working for Annelise and because of Frank. She also revealed that she knew that Michaela had gone to Sterling and White not for an interview but because she was given a pre-nuptial agreement from her fiancée. She then agreed to keep quiet about their secrets if they stopped talking behind her back about her relationship with Wes, as they had never slept together. The two then agreed to Rebecca’s deal.

After learning about the plea deal, they realized that Wendy would never rescind it unless they leaked something so deplorable about Griffin to the press. Even if they were on a gag order, Rebecca suggested that she be the one to leak the story to press, as she could easily say that she did not know what a gag order was.

The next day, Mr. Keegan and Wendy were furious. The newspaper headlines talked about an interview done with Rebecca, who told the press that Griffin raped her. During the proceedings, Annelise got Mr. Keegan to admit that there was a “plea deal” in the works. Because of this, Wendy informed them that she would not talk with Mr. Keegan anymore. After the judge threatened to have Annelise disbarred if she learned that she had manipulated Rebecca to violate the gag order, she decided to have Lila’s body to be exhumed and to be analyzed once again in a second autopsy with a medical examiner of her own choosing.

Later that night, Rebecca asked Wes why he did not wait for her at the courthouse. He then told her that he had to study and that Rebecca has the right to get mad at him, as she refused his help and had gone ahead with their plan to violate the gag order. They then ended up kissing, and they spent the night together. Wes then revealed more of himself to Rebecca, such as the fact that his favorite ice cream flavor was Mint Chocolate Chip.  

Meanwhile, Connor tried to win back Oliver by showing up at his apartment with flowers but was immediately turned away by Oliver’s new boyfriend.

Back at the office, Frank revealed that he knew about Kan’s job offer to her. He told her not to leave if it was because of him. He told her that if she did not want anything to happen between them, then that was how it would be. However, Laurel told him that she did not want him to get over her and the two passionately kissed.  

At a nearby convenience store, Rebecca, who was trying to buy Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for Wes, was confronted by Nate, who asked her to help him catch Lila’s killer. He knew that Rebecca did not kill Lila. He also told her that they both knew who the real killer was.

Right before Annelise went to bed, she was told by Bonnie that her contact in the medical examiner’s office had found that the red marks on Lila’s neck were ant bites and that Lila had been six weeks pregnant when she was killed.

This week’s flash forwards dealt heavily with what happened to Rebecca right after Sam was killed and while she waited for Wes and the others to dispose of Sam’s body. Right after Sam was killed, Rebecca, Laurel, Connor and Michaela were all in shock. Wes then carried Rebecca to Annelise’s bathroom to clean her up, as she was covered in blood. He then told her to stay upstairs while they took care of things. She then thanked him for helping her out, but they were cut short as Connor was calling him to go downstairs. Wes then kissed Rebecca and reassured her that everything would be all right.

Afterward, Wes brought Rebecca to a motel room and told her to stay inside. He told her not to answer the door unless it was him as nobody knew that she was there. She was told to stay put until they could figure things out. Before he left, Rebecca tried to stop him as she did not want him to go to jail as well, especially as her trial was in a few days. She then told him that she had killed him with the trophy as she claimed that he had wanted to kill her and that he deserved to die.

While waiting, Rebecca grew restless to the point that she dialed 911 but hung up on them as she told them that it was a prank call. Wes then called her from the convenience store of the gasoline station where he bought the supplies in order to burn Sam’s body in the woods. He told her that they were taking care of things and that they would protect her.

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