How to Get Away With Murder Recap: He Has a Wife

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
How to Get Away With Murder Recap: He Has a Wife
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“How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 8 “He Has a Wife” aired on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis) and the team defended Gretchen Thomas (Stacy Edwards). She was a successful real estate agent who was being accused of murdering her nanny while under the influence of her sleeping pills. This episode also showed flashbacks of Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) and Lila Stanguard’s (Megan West) friendship, leading all the way to the night of her murder. This episode also set up the scene for the murder night, as it ended right before time of the actual murder. Read on to learn more about this episode.

While the medical examiners performed another autopsy on the remains of Lila Stanguard (Megan West), flashbacks were shown which detailed Lila’s relationship with Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) during the last six months of her life.

The first flashback happened six months ago, in June 2014. Lila and Rebecca were on top of the rooftop of a building and getting high together. Lila worried about the fact that since she had “virginity pact” with her current boyfriend, Griffin O’Reily, it would be hard for her when she finally did it. She then made Rebecca swear not to tell anyone that she was seeing a married man whom she called “Mr. Darcy.”

The next flashback happened the next month, July 2014. Rebecca met Lila at the usual rooftop and gave her some drugs. Lila was happy and told Rebecca that she had done it with “Mr. Darcy.” She then received a text message, in which Mr. Darcy had sent her a picture of his member. This was the picture that later on had allowed Rebecca to identify Mr. Darcy as Sam Keating (Tom Verica) based on the wallpaper at the background of the picture.

The last flashback with Rebecca happened the month that Lila had died, in August 2014. Rebecca met Lila at their usual rooftop. However, Lila was crying as Mr. Darcy had ended things with her. Lila also told Rebecca that Griffin did not know that she had been having an affair. She told her that her friends were right in saying that “bad things happen when you have sex.” She then asked Rebecca to stay so that she could have some comfort and company.

The last flashback scene that was shown in this episode happened on the night that Lila had died, on Aug. 29, 2014. That night, Lila, who had been crying, pounded on Annelise’s door. She asked for her as Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) had answered the door. Lila then told her that she needed to tell Annelise something important, a secret, and that it had to do with her husband. However, Bonnie told her not to do anything as she might regret it in the future. Lila then ran off into the night.

The actual events of the episode that occurred during the present day picked up right where the previous episode left off. Bonnie informing her boss, Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis), that they had discovered that Lila had been six weeks pregnant. Annelise then forced Bonnie to stay so that she could have a witness to the questions that she was going to pose to Sam. He had been telling her so many lies as of late. In front of Bonnie and Annelise, he said that he had not known that Lila was pregnant.

The next morning, in the classroom, they were told that they would be defending a highly successful real estate agent named Gretchen Thomas (Stacy Edwards). She was under the influence of sleeping pills and did random things, such as cook gourmet food. However, her home security system had shown that she had dragged out the dead body of her nanny, Elka, and had started to clean up the blood — all under the influence of her sleeping pills.

At the Thomas household, only Gretchen did not seem to realize that she was in deep trouble. She continued to cook, clean and plan her daughter, Mia’s, thirteenth birthday until Annelise removed the cell phone from her hand. She told them that she had loved Elka, just as everyone in the family did and refused to take the stand. She was perfectly willing to go to jail if she had really done it under the influence of her pills.

Because of this, Annelise instructed them to prep each member of Gretchen’s family to give their testimony so that they would be able to save Gretchen. While they continued working, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) rubbed it into everyone’s face. He said that he did not need to study for Annelise’s upcoming exam as he had the trophy, which annoyed Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King). Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) then asked both Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) if they wanted to form a study group together. They were then interrupted by Bonnie, who told Wes that Annelise wanted to see him. Inside her office, Annelise revealed to Wes that they had discovered that Lila had been pregnant and asked him not to tell Rebecca. However, when he got home, he told her what Annelise had just revealed to him.

Afterward, Rebecca met up with former Detective Nate Lahey (Billy Brown), Annelise’s ex-boyfriend. He wanted to work together with Rebecca to gather evidence against Sam as they believed that Sam had killed Lila. He told her that in helping him figure out that Sam was the murderer, nobody would be pinning the murder on her. As for him, he wanted to solve the case as this case was what had gotten him fired. Rebecca then agreed to help him out by trying to collect a sample of Sam’s hair so that they could run his DNA against Lila’s baby’s DNA, so that they could try to prove that he was the father.  

Next day, she came uninvited to Annelise’s house and pretended to search for some gloves that she claimed she had left there. She then tried to get into the bathroom, but as Sam was the only one home, he kicked her out.

Meanwhile, Wes and the others went over to the Thomases to prepare them for the trial. Michaela got the grandmother, who told her that the Thomases medicine cabinet was like a drugstore. Michaela then reminded her not to show that she ever doubted Gretchen’s judgment, as it could prove dangerous in court. Wes, who had gotten the husband, Matthew, confirmed with him. Gretchen had taken her customary sleeping pill, which usually caused her to do crazy things under its influence. Laurel got the daughter, Mia, who told her that their grandmother did not like Elka at all. Connor got the son, Cody, who told them that Gretchen had been cleaning the blood while she was asleep and only woke up  after Matthew had given her a cold shower.

The scene then transitioned to the courtroom. Cody told the jury that when Gretchen had come to, she had cried, as she had realized that she had killed someone that she loved.  He then revealed that he had been awake so early in the morning. It's because had been planning to go to Elka’s room, like he always did as he had been in love with her. This caused Annelise to scold Connor as he had been the one preparing Cody for the trial. Bonnie then tried to excuse Connor. Because of this, Annelise turned on her and scolded her for not doing her job. She was supposed to be able to know what Annelise was dealing with. Meanwhile, Michaela talked to her fiancee, Aiden Walker. She told him to tell his mother that he supported Michaela’s decision in not signing the prenuptial agreement that his mother had given her.   

Back at the office, Connor did not seem to mind the fact that Annelise had scolded him just days before the big exam. He had a copy of the exam that she gave last year, which he was willing to share with his study group, if they could offer something in return. Wes then promised him copies of all of his notes, and Laurel told him that she could offer up Kan’s (her boyfriend from Legal Aid) old outlines. Michaela tried to offer something as well, but Connor shut her down as they were already full. Laurel was then surprised when Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), one of Annelise’s associates, called her up. She was even more surprised to see that he had set his caller ID picture to a picture of him shirtless. They then hooked up outside inside his car.

Back at the office, Asher comforted Bonnie and told her that she did not deserve the scolding that she had gotten from Annelise. He then asked her if it was okay if he went home early the next day. He had planned a party for the bonfire and invited her over. She then just told him that he could go home early if he had finished all of his work. Bonnie then went to Sam as she saw that he had just come in. She started to tell something about Lila and about the night she had died, but they were interrupted by Annelise, who came in and was visibly upset. She then told Sam that she was going to lose her current case as she had been so distracted about Sam and Lila. She told him that she deserved everything as she had broken up his previous marriage. However, Sam said that this had been his fault and promised to do everything that he could in order to fix things.

Rebecca then told Nate that she had not been able to get Sam’s hair. She figured that they could use whatever was on Lila’s phone as the two of them had texted a lot.

Connor then went over to Cody’s room to talk to him, and all that he got out of it was that he had learned that Cody had gotten a sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis from Elka. This got the attention of Michaela, who looked through their folders at the list of medicines in the medicine cabinet. As she had been a pre-medicine graduate, she knew that that disease could only be treated by a specific antibiotic called tinidazole. It was actually in the medicine cabinet. She then bragged that she had won their case and went to Bonnie to tell her of her discovery.

The next day, at court, Annelise revealed that when Cody had revealed to his father that he had trouble urinating, Matthew had recognized the symptoms, as he had the same thing too, as he had also been sleeping with Elka. Because of this, he made sure that Gretchen had drunken her sleeping pill with wine that night so that she would be knocked out. After killing Elka because of jealousy, he then showed Gretchen what had happened, knowing that she would clean it up. Because of this, they arrested Matthew, who had all but confessed to Elka’s murder on the stand.  

Afterward, Michaela asked Annelise if she could have the trophy. However, Annelise told her that she really did not care who actually had the trophy. However,  she was interrupted by her future mother-in-law, Mrs. Walker, who brought her out to dinner. She then told Michaela to sign the pre-nuptial agreement, or else, she would make sure that Michaela went back to whatever backwater bayou she had come from. Afterwards, Michaela went over at Asher’s on the pretense of joining his party in order to steal the trophy from him so that she could hand it over to Annelise and not have to take the exam. 

Meanwhile, Frank took Laurel to his house and was interrupted by Frank’s girlfriend, Sasha, who did not seem surprised about Laurel, and called her the student of the month. This upset Laurel, who ran out, crying, so that she could join Connor and Wes at their study group session at Wes’ apartment.

On the porch of Annelise’s house, Bonnie confronted Sam and told him that she had seen Lila the night she had died. She then had figured out that the secret that Lila had mentioned was that she had been pregnant. Since Lila had said that Sam can’t keep it a secret anymore, this meant that Sam had known about the pregnancy. Sam then kissed Bonnie and told her not to tell Annelise. However, Bonnie, who was crying and at Annelise’s feet, told her everything. Shaken, Annelise fired her right on the spot.

Meanwhile, Rebecca met up with Nate who gave her a USB to plug into Sam’s computer so that they could get all of his information, including the GPS coordinates of where he had really been during the night of Lila’s murder. As Wes had caught Rebecca meeting Nate, she then told him the entire thing. Wes then got angry, as he felt that they were just being set up by Annelise. He then took the USB and left in on his drawer. They were then interrupted by Connor, who had arrived for their study group session. Rebecca then went out. As Laurel arrived, Wes was trying to get Rebecca to open her door as she kept on playing loud music. A comment from Connor then made Wes realize that Rebecca might have gone to Annelise’s house, and his suspicions were confirmed after he discovered that the USB had gone missing. Then he asked Connor if he had brought his car.

Back at Annelise’s house, Annelise informed Sam that she had asked the District Attorney to order that all of the males in Lila’s life, including her teachers, give DNA samples.

Thus, this set the events to follow, the murder, which happened after a few hours.

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