How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me
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“How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 9 “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” aired on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the events of the night of the bonfire and what happened the morning after the murder were shown. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The entire episode took place during the big Bonfire Night of Middleton University.

Inside the Keatings' house, Professor Annelise Keating (Viola Davis), who was upset by the fact that her husband, Sam Keating (Tom Verica), had lied about knowing that Lila Stanguard (Megan West) was pregnant, packed his clothes into a bag and threw it out of the house. She told him that he was tired of protecting him, and she couldn’t believe that she had took in all of his lies. She then told him that she was done with him.  Sam then got mad and told her that he was not going to leave until they talked. She then told him that it had taken her 20 years, but now she realized that he had only married her so that people would think that he was a good man. In reality, he wasn’t. She then revealed to him that she had been sleeping with another man and thought about him whenever they did it. He then got mad, pinned her against the wall and put his hands around her throat. She then told him to kill her, and that he must have been excited when he killed Lila. He then then called her a disgusting slut, and Annelise told him that she was happy that he had been able to finally tell the truth. After he had let her go, she walked out of the house.

Outside, Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) watched Annelise leave and decided that that was the perfect moment to go inside the house so that she could use Nate Lahey’s (Billy Brown) thumbdrive to hack into Sam’s computer so that they could get the evidence they needed to link Sam to Lila and prove that he had killed her.

Meanwhile, on the way to Annelise’s house in Connor Walsh’s (Jack Falahee) car, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), who was unsuccessfully trying to call Rebecca, revealed to Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) and to Connor that Rebecca had gone to Annelise’s house to get some evidence that would prove that Sam killed Lila, as he had been having an affair with her. Connor did not want to believe it, but Laurel realized that Wes was serious. Wes then revealed that he had succeeded in blackmailing Annelise into defending Rebecca, as he had threatened to tell the police.

Back at the house, Sam opened the door for Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), who insisted on waiting for Annelise to come back so that she could turn in the trophy that she had stolen from Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) so she wouldn’t have to take the exam anymore. She then noticed that Rebecca was trying to go upstairs and called out her name. After a few tense moments, Rebecca told Michaela to call Wes, ran upstairs and locked the master bedroom door. Sam then chased after her and started pounding and screaming to let him in. Michaela then called Wes and told him to come right away. After Sam had gotten into the room, Rebecca grabbed his laptop and placed the thumbdrive on it so that she could get the evidence that she needed. When Wes got there, he told Sam to calm down and to let them go. After Rebecca finished gathering everything she needed, she opened the door and let Wes lead her past Sam, who then lunged at her and punched Connor so that he could get to the thumbdrive. Wes then got Laurel to get it, and she ran down the staircase. Sam ran after her but was shoved aside by Michaela, and because of that, he fell to the first floor.

At the living room, Michaela insisted that she didn’t do anything and that she was only trying to protect Laurel. Laurel then told them that as they were all there, they were all at fault. Wes then tried to calm them down by saying that Sam probably deserved to die, as he had killed Lila. They were the interrupted by scuffling sounds in the hallway. They then discovered that Sam was still alive and that he was trying to strangle Rebecca. Wes then took the trophy and hit Sam hard, causing blood to spatter all over Rebecca’s face.

In the seconds that followed, Laurel panicked quietly, Connor kept on repeating that they had to leave and Michaela cried silently by one of the bookshelves. Wes, who was the calmest among them, picked Rebecca up and cleaned out the blood from her in Annelise’s bathroom. Connor then ran to the kitchen sink and threw up.

After Wes cleaned Rebecca up, he kissed her. Downstairs, Laurel tried to get Michaela to stand up, as they had to leave that place right away. Wes then told them to bring Michaela in the woods and that he would meet them there as soon as he was able to get Rebecca to a safe place. However, before they could do anything, Asher knocked on the door and called for them, as he had seen Connor’s car parked out front. Everyone then ducked so that they wouldn’t be seen. While they were waiting for Asher to leave, it was suggested that they should let Asher in, because if he did, then he would be a part of it. If he stepped into some blood, then maybe his father, a judge, would help them all out. However, Wes would hear none of it, as he wasn’t part of it. Asher then left as Michaela, whom he was looking for, texted that she was at the library.

At the bar of a hotel, Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), who had just been fired by Annelise, watched the news about the dragnet order to test the DNA of all the men in Lila’s life, with a random bar patron.

The bonfire then started, and Asher decided to go there since no one had come to his party.

After Wes brought Rebecca to a motel, she decided, in a bid to help Wes for once, to claim responsibility for the murder of Sam. However, Wes told her that everything was going to be all right and that the only way she could help was to stay in the motel room until he came back.

On the way back to Annelise’s house, he froze in the middle of the street after what had just happened sank in. Inside, he picked up the trophy and told Sam’s body that he was sorry.

At the woods, Michaela started to panic as Wes was running late. She then worried that Rebecca had convinced Wes to pin the entire thing on them, but Connor reassured her that Wes would never do that. Wes then showed up and told them that he had taken the trophy with him, which Laurel agreed was a smart move. She then suggested that they wipe, clean it and place it back where it belonged in Annelise’s house. Laurel also told Michaela that it was not Rebecca’s fault, as she had started to blame Rebecca. She also suggested that they bury Sam’s body in the woods. However, both Connor and Michaela disagreed, as that night was the busiest night of the year. Wes then told them that they would flip a coin to decide what to do. However, he lied about the result of the coin toss and told them that they had to go back to get the body.

Meanwhile, Annelise went to Nate’s house as she did not know whereelse to go. He then allowed her to come in as his wife was currently back in the hospital. She then told him that he had been right about Sam and told him that she had asked the District Attorney to run DNA tests on all the men in Lila’s life, which included Sam. She then started to break down as she had done illegal things in a bid to protect him. She then tried to call Sam on his phone, but he did not pick up. After looking at a picture of Nate and his wife, she asked him if they were terrible people. After he held her hand for a while, they slept together.

Back in the woods, Wes insisted that they should bring Sam’s body to the incinerator to get rid of the DNA. Laurel and Connor then agreed that the body should be burned, especially as the bonfire’s smoke would mask the smoke of their little bonfire. Laurel then realized that the bonfire would also be their alibi. They then attended the bonfire for a short time and took selfies of themselves, and posted them online to create an alibi.

Back inside the house, Connor confirmed with Wes that they would roll Sam up in a rug and then bring him to the woods, where they would burn him and chop him up into little pieces. Laurel came in with tissue to mop up the blood, and took the trophy to the kitchen to wash away the blood on it. There, she told Michaela not to call her fiancé, as the cell tower would be able to place her there at the night of Sam’s death. At first, Michaela refused to help them out but later on decided to help them out as they couldn’t carry Sam’s body out without her.  

At the hotel, Bonnie started to make out with the guy from the bar. Afterwards, she called Asher, who was crossing the street, and asked if she could come over. What Asher did not realize was that the car that had stopped right in front of him as he talked to Bonnie contained Connor, Michaela, Wes, Laurel and Sam’s body. However, as Asher had been too focused on his call, he did not notice them at all. At his place, Bonnie made out with him.

Annelise, who had slipped out from Nate’s apartment, called Sam up and left him a voice message. She told him that she wanted them to work out their problems together, as they had been together for 20 years and because she loved him. She then ended the message by begging him to come home.

While Annelise called Sam, Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel carried Sam’s body into the woods. They had to stop for a while as they noticed a couple kissing in the woods who became spooked after Frank Dlefino (Charlie Weber), another of Annelise’s associates, tried to call Laurel up.  

After gathering enough twigs, they decided to push through with the plan. After dousing Sam’s body with gasoline, Wes then lit a match and burned Sam’s body. Connor then chopped Sam up into little pieces. While they were packing the ashes and the broken bones into trash bags that Wes had bought at a gas station, Laurel answered Frank, who told her that he wanted to make things right between them. Just as they were about to leave, Michaela started to panic as she suddenly could not find her engagement ring. She panicked some more as she told them that she might have left it at Annelise’s house.  As she was breaking down, Laurel volunteered to make sure that the trophy got back to Asher as Michaela was in no shape to do it.

At the dumpsters, while they threw their trash bags in, Michaela tried to search through the bags for her ring. Wes protested as he knew that they should have gone to the incinerator instead, but Connor told him that he had been outvoted on this one. Wes then decided to push through with the plan, and they all got into Connor’s car and left.

The next morning, Wes panicked as he couldn’t find Rebecca, who had gone out to get breakfast. Afterwards, he asked for the thumbdrive and smashed it, as that was evidence that proved that they were there that night.

Laurel then went to Frank and told him that she had stolen the trophy from Asher as she had been so stressed. Frank then agreed to help her and told her that he had broken up with Sasha so that he could be with her.

Michaela looked at her Vera Wang wedding dress at home and afterwards met Mrs. Walker. She then apologized for her behavior towards her the night before and gave her the pre-nuptial agreement, which she had signed.

Bonnie, who was at Asher’s, was suddenly called up by a distraught Annelise, who told her that Sam had gone missing after she had fought and confronted him with the truth that he knew that Lila was pregnant. Bonnie then rushed to the office to be with her.

At the dumpster, the garbage truck came and collected all of the trash, including Sam’s body.

Connor, after everything, had gone to Oliver, who let him in as he was panicking. After he had showered, Oliver asked him what was going on. Connor then lied and told him that he had a drug problem. He promised Oliver that they would talk more about it later, but he had to leave as Annelise had called them to her office.

At Annelise’s living room, Michaela and Connor started to panic, as they believed that Annelise had called them in as she knew that something was wrong, especially since her rug had disappeared. Their conversation was then interrupted by Asher who called them liars, as he had seen their bonfire pictures from the night beforehand. He then asked Michaela for the trophy back. Frank then told Asher that he had found the trophy on the porch, and that it was now up for grabs.

Bonnie then got the door and told them that the police were there already. Annelise then came in with her robe. She looked like she had been crying. She then told them that Sam had been having an affair with Lila and that she thinks that he had fled as they had a terrible fight the night before. She then apologized for dragging them all into it but asked them to be as honest as possible as the police were going to ask them questions, especially as they had all been involved with Rebecca’s case. She then looked at Wes who then told her that they would do whatever she needed.

The scene then flashed back to the previous night. After Wes had left Rebecca in the motel room, he went into Annelise’s house, picked up the trophy and told Sam that he was sorry. Wes was then shocked and horrified as Annelise, who had been seated at her desk, told him not to be sorry.

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