How to Get Away With Murder Recap: She’s a Murderer

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: She’s a Murderer
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“How to Get Away With Murder” Season 1 Episode 12 “She’s a Murderer” aired last Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, after Sam Keating’s (Tom Verica) remains are found in a landfill, Hannah Keating (Marcia Gay Harden) created an excuse for the police to search Professor Annelise Keating’s (Viola Davis) house. While this was happening, Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) and Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) became increasingly more paranoid. Thanks to everything, including the Medical Examiner’s report, Bonnie Winterbotton (Liza Weil) figured out what was going on. Meanwhile, despite everything, Annelise and the Keating Five worked on a case that had to do with drug possession charge on a mobster’s nephew. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At Wes Gibbin’s (Alfred Enoch) apartment, Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay), Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) and Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) watched the news, which said that the body found at the landfill was confirmed to be of Sam Keating (Tom Verica), which caused them to panic. However, Laurel told them that Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), an associate of Professor Annelise Keating’s (Viola Davis), had instructed her to tell them to keep their heads down as they were being closely watched now by the police, even though Connor was paranoid that Annelise was setting them up to take the fall.

Meanwhile, the police went to Annelise’s house and informed her and Hannah Keating (Marcia Gay Harden) that Sam was confirmed to be dead. Because of this, Hannah started to shout and told the police to arrest Annelise as she believed that Annelise had killed Sam. The next day, on the way to class, Annelise told Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) to make sure that he wasn’t questioned again by the police and brushed off Detective Claire Bryce (April Parker Jones), the detective in charge of Sam’s murder. In class, she asked what the Fifth Amendment was and, afterwards, indirectly reminded Laurel, Wes, Connor and Michaela to keep their mouths shut regarding their involvement.

At the house, Frank couldn’t believe that Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) was upset about Sam’s death. As soon as Annelise came in, Bonnie informed her that their current client, Mr. Leo Lombardo (Peter Onarati), had cancelled their meeting for that day, as she was supposed to represent his nephew, Paul, who was on trial for possession of drugs as his cargo container had been searched during a routine dock inspection. However, they decided to keep her on as their lawyer.

At the police station, Hannah told the police that she would testify about anything against Annelise if it guaranteed them a search warrant for Annelise’s house.

Back at the house, Annelise instructed the Keating Five, Bonnie and Frank to help out with the Lombardo case. Frank and Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) went through security footage; Laurel and Wes, who was currently obsessing over Rudy Walters, the previous tenant of his room, went through personnel files;  and Michaela and Connor questioned the agent in charge of customs, Agent Feign.

According to Agent Feign, the customs official Michaela and Connor had talked to, Lombardo, just managed to have bad enough luck for his container to be searched, as it had three kilograms of heroin. Laurel and Wes discovered that there was a dock employee named Pedro Ortuja who had gone missing two days after the container was searched; and Frank and Asher discovered that the police had moved in too quickly when the container was starting to being weighed in, which was strange. Because of this, they deduced that someone inside the Lombardo crime family had tipped the police off about the exact container with heroin in it.

Back at home, Wes discovered from his landlord that Rebecca had called the cops the night that Rudy had disappeared. After asking her about it, she told him that he had been hitting the walls and had been screaming, which was why she had called the cops. After asking Wes whether he still trusted her, Wes reassured her that he did.

The next day, Annelise confronted Prosecutor Hobbs, who was proceeding over the trial for the prosecution, as he was known for trying to put away the entire Lombardo family. He then tried to threaten her lightly, as he knew that she was being looked at as the prime suspect it the murder investigation of Sam. He also denied having a criminal informant within the Lombardo family.

Back at the house, Annelise informed them not to pursue the Criminal Informant angle, after she had them turn off the news, which reported that the police were canvassing the entire area to get a lead on the garbage bags that Sam’s remains had been in. After learning that Hannah was trying to get the police to get a warrant to search the house, Annelise instructed her and Asher to overturn it.

At court, Hannah recounted how, three years ago, she went to a mixer, which ended early; and afterwards, she had witnessed an angry Annelise throw a paper weight at Sam and threaten to kill him. Bonnie was then unsuccessful in having the judge overturn the warrant. When they got back to the Keating residence, the police were all around it already; and Wes, Connor, Laurel and Michaela were outside, panicking. Laurel then came and showed them that she had gotten a burner phone, which Frank would use to let them know if the police had found anything. Hannah then came and called them foolish for being loyal to Annelise and confronted her sister-in-law, who knew that Hannah had always hated her as she had been Sam’s mistress and had lived in their parents house.

Inside, the police saw the scales from the trophy, which Bonnie smoothly took back and replaced on the trophy, claiming that it had gotten lost. Thankfully, they didn’t find anything or any traces of blood as Annelise had cleaned everything and hid the area where Sam’s blood had pooled pretty well. Outside, the four were relieved to learn that the police had not found anything.

Afterwards, Bonnie, who read the Medical Examiner’s report on Sam started to doubt Annelise a little as she had discovered that he had died because something hard had hit him and that they had also discovered carpet fibers in the remains and some debris, which pointed to the woods.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Connor started to panic, which led Annelise to call him inside her office. There, she told him that they were very much alike as they were both successful because of the fact that they were worriers by nature. She told him that she knew that he wouldn’t trust her, but she would keep true to her word. With her, they had more of a fighting chance to stay out of jail.

After they had finished, Frank revealed to Annelise that Laurel had managed to track down the miss dock worker to New Jersey. He was then instructed to collect this new potential witness.

Later that night, Annelise asked Nate if he thought that she killed Sam, and he gave a non-committal answer. She then reassured him that she didn’t.

The next day, at court, thanks to Pedro Ortuja’s testimony to the fact that Prosecutor Hobbs had told him to specifically choose Paul Lombardo’s container for inspection, which was supposed to random, they were able to prove that Prosecutor Hobbs had deliberately set Paul up. Moreover, Pedro informed them that Hobbs had promised him and his wife a Green Card if he did so. Because of this, they were able to win this case.

Later that night, Laurel had a mini breakdown in front of Annelise’s house after he told her not to worry as everything had been done to ensure that they didn’t get caught. He then just stood there so that he could comfort her.

Inside, Bonnie revealed to Annelise that she knew that Wes, Rebecca, Michaela, Laurel and Connor were responsible for Sam’s death and told her not to ruin her career for them. Because of this, she drank some vodka and called Frank over in order to plant Nate’s prints on Sam’s ring and to leave it in the woods for the police to find.

At Wes’ apartment, Rebecca told them that the police had brought in Annelise for questioning and that they had discovered a ring in the woods. Michaela thought that it was hers, but then, a news report came on informing them that Nate had been arrested, and he had come quietly. However, to Hannah, Annelise was still the one responsible for Sam’s death. At this point, Michaela didn’t care how it had happened, as the only thing that mattered was that Annelise was truly keeping up her end of the bargain and protecting them.

Afterwards, Annelise went to bed and called her mother as she asked her to come over as she needed her badly at that moment.

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