How to Make the Perfect Bacon [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
How to Make the Perfect Bacon [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin Payravi |

Who doesn’t love bacon? It is a “thing” that has gone beyond just being part of a breakfast side dish. Now, bacon can be considered as the main dish, the dessert and even drinks.

Bacon mania is inevitable that science took a fascination over it. An article published in The Republic of Bacon explained that Maillard reaction is responsible for bacon’s famous taste and palate appeal. Having its own cult status, Good Food Australia reported that bacon has also invaded social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. Books on how we can cook bacon in different ways were also published, which made bacon lovers swoon with joy.

How do you like your bacon? Tender or perfectly crispy? America’s Test Kitchen has shared tips on making the most perfect bacon ever! The video they published on YouTube got more than 2 million views over time. How bacon-ly awesome is that?

In the video, Food Editor Bryan Roof explained that the secret to tender and crispy bacon is water. Adding water to the frying pan just enough to cover the bacon strips and letting it simmer until it renders the fat makes the bacon crispy yet tender. Bacon got even better indeed.  Watch the video and get ready to make the most perfect bacon ever.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin Payravi



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