How Travis Scott Spiced Up Rihanna’s Sex Life!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
How Travis Scott Spiced Up Rihanna’s Sex Life!

Rihanna apparently is in the euphoric state of her alleged relationship with Travis Scott. Even without confirmations from the two, things are definitely smooth sailing between them. They were even spotted very, very intimately close to one another. A lot of hormone rush going on, that’s for sure.

According to TMZ, they were seen last Sept.11 in the early morning during her after-party of the Fashion Week. The music artists are definitely having fun with each other in the party. The two are ‘making out, grinding and dry humping’ in the room as the article described. They don’t even care at all that the place is jam-packed with people.

Adding more to their exciting adventures of their sex life is the revelation by a source to HollywoodLife. The source noted they are totally out of control in dealing with their sexual encounter and they are taking advantage of every chance going in their way and even compared her intimacy with Scott and former boyfriend Chris Brown: “RiRi wouldn’t normally be like this, but she just can’t control herself. She has a better sex life with Travis than she has had with Chris — and that’s saying a lot. So far, everything with Travis is good,”

From where things are going, the Umbrella singer and the 23-year-old celebrity are making beautiful music together, literally and figuratively. Another article from HollywoodLife discussed about how they’re working more in the music industry with one another. Not only that, they showed interest of doing the remake of the 1993 film Poetic Justice or a movie about Rihanna’s life. This article too shared how Scott felt winning the lottery as soon as he started dating her.

How sweet it is to have someone who is happy to be with you. Rihanna and Travis Scott shows more signs of taking their closeness to the next level. Are they’re about to have their love child soon?

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Photo Source: Rihanna/Twitter

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