Howard Stern Quits ‘America’s Got Talent’; Simon Cowell Takes Over?

By Mardielyn | 3 years ago
Howard Stern Quits ‘America’s Got Talent’; Simon Cowell Takes Over?
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After four years of being an “America’s Got Talent” judge, Sirius XM radio show host Howard Stern decided to quit and pursue another career.

Stern revealed on his radio show that he would be leaving the NBC competition show after the current season, which will be wrapping up at the end of the summer.

Stern added that he told NBC that “America’s Got Talent” season 10 will be his last season. He decided to go through his own career evaluation this time. “I’m just too f—ing busy,” he said.

The 61-year-old star who replaced Piers Morgan in 2012 also revealed that he has wavered on returning in the past. He admitted that in 2013, the decision to return for season 9 had been a struggle.

The judge/host said that he had discussions about his plans with NBC, which he said needs to know about his status in order for the team to plan for next season.

Based on The Hamilton Spectator, the show moved to New York to accommodate Stern.

According to Stern, NBC said that if he don’t comeback, they won’t be doing the show out of New York and they’ve got to secure the venues in Los Angeles.

Stern explained that he had to consider other professional matters; his radio show and an unnamed TV offer. According to him, this new career opportunity excites him. “(It) excites me to no end. I think it would be a great opportunity.”

On the other hand, the host who currently sits on the judging panel alongside Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B expressed his idea on who can replace him as a judge and it is none other than the “America’s Got Talent” creator himself, Simon Cowell!

“Simon Cowell wants it anyway. He would be good at it,” Stern suggested.

However, Cowell’s spokesperson declined to comment on whether or not he would be returning US screens.

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