Howard Wolowitz Likely To Be A Daddy In ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – Spoilers

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
Howard Wolowitz Likely To Be A Daddy In ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – Spoilers

Here comes another set of spoilers of “The Big Bang Theory” revealing all interesting stuff of the latest episode. Fans of the famous American sitcom are all set to see an interesting plot for Simon Helberg, best known for his role as Howard Wolowitz, and comedienne Melissa Rauch who plays Dr Bernadette. Read On!

For previous couple of weeks, the duo’s life seems to have been under less scrutiny and almost low attention on CBS.  The Big Bang Theory Fans saw how Amy (Mayim) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) moved apart together with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) turning towards marriage.

Till now there has been no sign of prognosis if we talk about Howard and his wife Bernadette. In the seventh episode of the ninth season titled “The Spock Resonance,” there had been a conversation between Howard and Bernadette’s dad about having babies. At the very first instance, this came like a surprise for Bernadette’s dad as Howard has earlier been the one who was completely averse about having kids with his wife. Later, it has been outlined that how Bernadette has been the one dodging the topic. Howard’s becoming a dad is anticipated and it is believed that the same could be one of the major highlights of the season.


While TV Line reveals that there might be drastic changes with the character; he could be seen becoming a dad and also meeting his own dad for the first time in his life. That sounds interesting!

In the last season we also saw that how Howard was low after his mom passed away. Another jolt came to him when he found his half-brother named Josh played by (Matt Bennett).

“I think it would be nice to potentially meet his dad. I like it when the writers get deep because it’s hard to do that on a sitcom without hearing the cheesy violin or having that special episode feeling, and they do it so well and I love getting to learn about this character I’ve played and known for over seven years, and getting to discover things I never knew”,

Helberg recently discussed in an interview with Press Association.

Photo source: Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

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