HPV and Throat Cancer Link

By admin | 5 years ago

Michael Douglas has said that the throat cancer he suffered was linked to the HPV virus and came from all of the times he performed cunnilingus.

Douglas created quite a stir this week in Cannes when he revealed in an interview that he believes oral sex caused his throat cancer.

Douglas said his 2010 cancer diagnosis was linked to the Human Papillomavirus or HPV, which he then tied to the act of cunnilingus.

However, looking at the theory used by Douglas, there could be some holes in his thinking. A post of facts about the cancer says that HPV is linked to a few forms of cancer including anal, vaginal, cervical and oral. However, just because an individual has cancer and HPV does not mean necessarily they the HPV caused their cancer.

The fact sheet about HPV continued by saying 25% to 35% of oral cancers are related to HPV, meaning it is involved in some way for up to 2,000 annual diagnoses.

Skeptics still are not sure whether to believe the actor or not, but the newspaper who interviewed Douglas quoted doctors who were skeptical of the actor’s claim.

Douglas, who is 68-years old, has not had cancer for over two years following an extensive regimen of chemotherapy. He has returned to his career in acting and is currently appearing in a bio-movie about the talented Liberace.

Douglas is married to the beautiful 43-year old actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Both share the same birthday.

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