Hugh Jackman & Noomi Rapace Starring In Michael Mann’s Ferrari: Know More About The Movie

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Hugh Jackman & Noomi Rapace Starring In Michael Mann’s Ferrari: Know More About The Movie
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Ferrari, the name is synonymous with luxury. But few people know the story of the man behind one of the auto world’s most celebrated brands. Director Michael Mann, Hugh Jackman and will bring the story of the car designer onto the big screen.

The project has been 17 years in the making and traces its origins back when Mann began development with the late Sydney Pollack. Finally, after nearly two decades gathering dust in the back of Mann’s creativity, Enzo Ferrari’s story is going to get a new life.

It was revealed by Deadline that Mann has already chosen Hugh Jackman for the titular role for Ferrari. Fresh out of his stint as the Wolverine, the Logan star will ditch his adamantium claws for an aluminum car chassis.

At one point, actor Christian Bale was slated to play the role but later declined. It was reported that the Batman actor was concerned about the amount of weight he needed to gain for the role.

Despite these setbacks, it seems that everything is going smoothly for Michael Mann. Noomi Rapace has already accepted the role to play Enzo’s estranged wife Lina Lardi in the film. Taking place in 1957, Mann’s film will center on Enzo’s relationship with Lardi.


Enzo Ferrari Life To Be Told On The Big Screen

It will also highlight the struggles of the company which now bears his name. This includes competition from other car manufacturers in Italy namely Maserati.

While this is the first time Ferrari’s life will be made into a feature film, it is not the first telling of his story. Over the years numerous documentaries have been made about his life. Some highlighted his racing prowess while others his skills as a businessman. However, all of them had one thing in common: they focused on the legend of Enzo Ferrari, highlighting his accomplishments not his struggles.

Hopefully, Michael Mann can shed light on the other side of the man himself. His most recent dabble with biographical films, Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp, fared reasonably well with critics as well as the box office. The film earned $214 million against a budget of 100 million partly due to Depp’s performance as well as popularity.

Banking on Hugh Jackman’s popularity after Logan, Ferrari might just become a success, fingers crossed of course. Production for the car designer’s biopic is set to begin summer of 2018. Distribution rights for the film in the United States has been acquired by Paramount Pictures.

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