Hugh Jackman Is All Praise For Joe Wright’s ‘Pan:’ Talks About Co-Actor Levi Miller

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Hugh Jackman Is All Praise For Joe Wright’s ‘Pan:’ Talks About Co-Actor Levi Miller

He was a boxer commanding a robot to fight, he became a weapon himself as Wolverine, and now he is all set to play the role of a famous notorious pirate of all time, Blackbeard, in “Pan.” By performing such different characters, Hugh Jackman has indeed showed his extraordinary acting talent. “Pan” has added another feather to his cap for which the actor is proud of. Read On!

In a conversation with the Canberra Times, Jackman calls his new film a ‘no brainer’ and having fun elements for all age groups. He said, “It’s for adults too,” he insists, “because it’s this reminder about that sense of joy and wonder in the world that we often grow up and lose. We take things for granted and forget how incredible the world is because we worry about paying our rent.”

He also admitted that he faced new challenges while doing “Pan” and sword fighting with feathers, heels, pantaloons and heavy dresses was one of the challenges. “It’s not easy doing a swordfight in a costume like that,” he stated.

“I fell off those beams so many times and then Joe decided to make the final fight sequence take place on the spikes on the front of the ship and that was more than a little hairy. We had already learned the fight on the ground but suddenly we were doing it like a bar routine in gymnastics while fighting 50 feet in the air,” the actor, who recently found talking about expecting the unexpected, further stated about the different and complicated shots of the film.

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During the world premiere of “Pan” at London’s Leicester Square, the star said that he is a fan of Peter Pan and after getting the role of that vicious pirate Blackbeard, the first thing he did was to go to JM Barrie’s novel “Peter Pan” (1911).

“The movie was so much fun and it was like nothing I had really done before because increasingly these movies become more and more green screen,” Jackson disclosed in the same event. He did special mention to his 12-year-old co-actor Levi Miller who played Peter Pan in the movie. “He’s just a natural. He’s a natural actor, and his heart and his warmth really is the centre of the movie, I think,” Jackson remarked.

No doubt, his excitement is on top when it comes to playing Blackbeard but don’t forget Jackson that your fans are crazier than you and for you of course. So, here are all the best wishes for you from our side for the movie which is releasing on October 9 in the U.S. and October 16 in the U.K. Keep doing such interesting roles!

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