Hugh Jackman Reacts to Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Hugh Jackman Reacts to Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe [WATCH VIDEO]

With Sony joining in Marvel’s fold, it just leaves one more studio before Marvel can use all of its comic book characters into its Cinematic Universe, 20th Century Fox. So when Hugh Jackman, who plays the Wolverine for Fox, heard the news about Marvel and Sony, the 46-year-old actor felt really excited. Find out what he has to say about Sony and Marvel’s partnership.

“I think that is really exciting news, I’ve always loved the very basic idea of the comic book world where on a Friday night you can have a couple beers with a mate and go wouldn’t it be great to see Wolverine against Iron Man and bang Monday morning someone is drawing it,” Jackman told Screen Crush while doing press for his upcoming pic “Chappie.”

Jackman has always supported a team-up between the two studios. However, the relationship between Marvel and 20th Century Fox isn’t as pleasant, with Marvel even ending its “Fantastic Four” comics to spite Fox, though Jackman still hopes that the two studios can come up with a deal in the future.

Moreover, in an interview with JoBlo, Jackman reacts on Patrick Stewart’s revelation on Oregon Live yesterday about Wolverine and Professor Xavier teaming up for the third “Wolverine” pic.

“I’m not going to deny it — I’ve always seen it as a really important relationship, and we started with that and I think it’s a really important one. I think it would be really great to see it in the Wolverine movie, because we haven’t really explored it in the standalone Wolverine movies. So it’s not not not not not going to happen,” Jackman told JoBlo.

Jackman will bear his claws for the next “Wolverine” pic slated for March 3, 2017 release.
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And that’s it for our latest scoop on Hugh Jackman’s take on Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and teaming up with Patrick Stewart for the third “Wolverine” pic .

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