The Wolverine Facing Skin Cancer?

By admin | 4 years ago

Hugh Jackman, famously known as The Wolverine has recently revealed a potential threat of skin cancer. Jackman may play roles of an invincible super hero but this skin cancer scare has certainly reminded him of his own mortality.

“Deb said to get the mark on my nose checked. Boy, was she right!” said Jackman after noticing an odd mark on the his nose. As it turns out he had a basil cell carcinoma! He continued on to advise to the people to get their checkups if they feel that something is off and not be ‘foolish’ like him.

Although Hugh Jackman’s representatives didn’t give much intel on the scare, the results had arrived a couple of days back. The photo of the movie star which was taken backstage at the Broadway production of “Big Fish” on November 13th clearly shows a small blemish on the bridge of his nose.

Basal cell carcinoma is a common form of type of skin cancer, often manifested as a waxy bump or sore and attributed to long-term exposure to radiation from the sun, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Jackman told the Daily News earlier that he would likely be taking the rest of the year off from show business after filming four consecutive films, “The Wolverine”, “Prisoners”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Les Miserables” to spend some quality time with his family in New York.

Source: NYDailyNews

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