Hugh Jackman Shares His Skin Cancer Story

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Hugh Jackman Shares His Skin Cancer Story
Hugh Jackman shares cancer story.

It was in November 2013 when Hugh Jackman first noticed a mark on his nose. He thought that it was only a blood spot caused by his Wolverine claws. Read on.

Actor Hugh Jackman recalled filming “X-Men: Days of Future Past” when his makeup artist first noticed a mark. He told him there was a spot of blood. However, Jackman said that it was from a fight scene adding that in 17 years he has played Wolverine he had encountered more than just that. He also said that he was clumsy in handling the Wolverine claws.

A week later, Jackman’s makeup artist noticed the spot of blood. However, he reasoned out that the blood may have dried off and went to the shower room to have it rubbed off. The makeup artist urged Hugh Jackman to have it checked because it has been sitting there for a week already.

Deborra-Lee Furness, Jackman’s wife, also told him to have the spot of blood on his nose examined. She said to have it checked a couple of times until Hugh was finally persuaded.

After Jackman paid the doctor a visit, he was informed that he had basal cell carcinoma. This was among three types of cancer of the skin.

Hugh told People, “It’s always a bit of a shock, just hearing the word ‘cancer. Being an Australian it’s a very common thing. I never wore sunscreen growing up so I was a prime candidate for it.”

He also added that he was trying to keep himself calm and didn’t think much about it until he was told by Dr. Michael Albom what he had. Jackman also said that Basal cell carcinoma is something that you have to deal with and it was cancerous. He also added that he knew it would grow and that he had to get it out.

In the last 18 months, Jackman had a total of four skin cancers taken out. This included taking out one from his shoulders and three from his nose. Since then, he launched Pure Sun Defense, a sunscreen line for kids. He said he wanted to raise public awareness on how exposure to the sun can lead to something serious, reported People.

Every three months, Jackman pays his doctor a visit which was the new normal thing for him. He said, “I go every three months for checkups. It’s the new normal for me. My doctor says I’ll likely have more and if that’s your cross to bear in life, you should be so lucky.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Hugh Jackman

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