Hugh Jackman’s Final Appearance As The Wolverine Will Be The Most Violent One

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Hugh Jackman’s Final Appearance As The Wolverine Will Be The Most Violent One

Nearly, 15 years after making his debut as the Wolverine in “X-Men,” Hugh Jackman has finally decided to hang up the boots, fans were rather sad that they won’t be able to see their favorite clawed mutant anymore. However, if there’s any consolation, the actor recently stated that his final appearance as the Wolverine would serve as the perfect way to end the journey and not to forget the most violent one as well.

According to MailOnline, Hugh Jackman mentioned the word “berserker rage” quite a few times and also stated that fans who have been following the comic will be able to understand the term. “Berserker Rage” is basically when Logan’s physical strength significantly increases when he is resisting the urge to not to retaliate against his enemy.

This final installment of Hugh as the “X-Men” character will also see him reunite with Professor Xavier, a role that Patrick Stewart will be reprising. There are chances that this story will interconnect to other “X-Men” movies in a way. It is being said that James Mangold will be returning to direct the movie after having worked with the actor in the movie’s prequel. About what he plans to do with this movie, Hugh mentioned that there’s something, which is in his head, and he thinks that this is the best way to end the franchise and hang up the boots.

There were a lot of reports as to what Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine could do in the final movie. One of the reports suggest that maybe Logan could regain all his memories that he lost in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” since William Stryker shot him with Adamantium bullets. If in case he does regain his memories, he will be sure to go after those people who nearly ruined his life.

Sounds somewhat similar to Deadpool as the mercenary with a mouth was also a part of the same Weapons X program that created Wolverine. Besides that, the kind of experience Logan has, he could now impart his knowledge to a younger bunch of mutants and live the life he always wanted to. The final installment will be released in 2017.

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