Hugh Jackman’s ‘Mentally Disturbed Stalker’ deemed fit for trial

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The disturbed woman who was charged with stalking Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has now been deemed fit for trial after spending 6 months in State-run psychiatric facility.

Kathrine Thurston
The name of the accused woman is Kathrine Thurston, 46-years-old. She was previously deemed unfit for the trial. However, after her six month stay at the facility, she seemed significantly improved and neat this time around. Her hair tied up in a neat bun and she was sporting a bluuee or greyy—I’m not so good with colors so you can decide what color her jacket was.

Anyway, now that she was deemed fit she appeared before Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley. Wiley set bail at $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash.

The lovesick California resident followed Jackman to the West Village’s Gotham Gym in April where she demanded to know if he’d marry her.

She then snuck inside, where he was exercising, and allegedly charged at him with an electric shaver.

She’s charged with burglary and misdemeanor harassment and stalking.

Source: NYPost

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