Hulk Hogan Pleads For Another Opportunity To Perform At WWE, Brooke Hogan Is Not Upset With Dad

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Hulk Hogan Pleads For Another Opportunity To Perform At WWE, Brooke Hogan Is Not Upset With Dad
Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan

Brooke Ellen Bollea, popularly known as Brooke Hogan, once again seems to be back in the news, not intrinsically by her own effort, but for the recent clamor among the wrestling aficionados surrounding her dad Hulk Hogan’s almost a decade old racist tirade.

The 62-year old wrestling champion reportedly used abusive racial slurs in 2006 about his daughter Brooke’s African-American man whom she was dating at that time. The matter surfaced when Gawker Media leaked Hulk’s sex tape with the ex-wife of his best friend to The National Enquirer that finally resulted him to be terminated by WWE. Not only this, WWE has reportedly removed his photograph from its Hall of Fame page last month.

Hulk said in an interview with Good Morning America on Monday that it was totally out of his knowledge that he was taped. However, although he did not refuted the claim of using the n-word referring to Brooke’s then beau, but he repented for his mistake saying that he was upset during those days regarding a situation that took place between her and her beau.

“For me to vent and be so angry at her, she should have been the one — she should have been the one to throw me out like the trash. But instead, she showed me more love than anybody…She’s been so supportive… she instantly said ‘I don’t even need to forgive you’ cause I’m not mad at you. I love you. You’re my dad,” said Hogan in the interview.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, Brooke said that she didn’t support his comment but she was standing by his side on the whole thing as she personally knew him.

“I’m standing by his side on this whole thing is because I know him, and it’s so easy for people to just — they need something to jump down people’s backs about. He’s an easy target,” Brooke commented while defending his father.

Hogan also claimed in the interview that he was grown up in South Tampa and he has never been a racist. He said sorry to his fans and the world and expressed his desire to grab another opportunity to perform at WWE.

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