Humans Recap: Episode Two

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Humans Recap: Episode Two
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Humans” Season 1 Episode 2 “Episode Two” aired last Sunday, June 21, 2015  at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 4. In this episode, Dr. George Millican (William Hurt) is given a carer robot, while trying to hide Odi (Will Tudor) in his shed. Meanwhile, at the Hawkins home, Laura Hawkins (Katherine Parkinson) and her genius daughter Matilda “Mattie” Hawkins (Lucy Carless), bond about the fact that they are bothered by Anita (Gemma Chan). Elsewhere, Niska (Emily Berrington) managed to break free, while Leo (Colin Morgan) discovered himself on the run with his Synth, Max (Jeremiah Ivanno), who later revealed that there was more to Leo than it seemed.   Read on to learn more about this episode.

Laura Hawkins (Katherine Parkinson) woke up after hearing a door close. She then checked on little Sophie (Pixie Davis), who was asleep. However, she was a little bit disturbed at the fact that Sophie had changed her pajamas as her other pair was wet.

Elsewhere, Detective Sergeant Peter “Pete” Drummond (Neil Maskell) insisted on doing things for his paralyzed wife instead of their synth. Later, when he returned home for a while, he ignored his synth, whom he didn’t like. The synth also had prepared some sandwiches for him.

Meanwhile, Hobb (Danny Webb) admired Fred (Sope Dirisu). He kept on replaying an old memory of someone looking like Anita (Gemma Chan), swimming in a lake.

Leo (Colin Morgan), before entering the warehouse of a black market synth dealer named Silas Capek (Paul Kaye), reminded Max (Jeremiah Ivanno) not to reveal that he could think independently. However, after Silas told him that he had sold the synth that looked like Anita after tampering with her brain, they punched Leo. It caused Max to punch them back. The two then ran, and Max caught the injured Leo. He was the one who had gotten separated from him, and who jumped off the wall divide. Later, Silas got arrested by Drummond and Voss.

Meanwhile, Dr. George Millican (William Hurt) lied about scrapping Odi (Will Tudor), whom he told to hide in the shed. He then got a carer synth named Vera (Rebecca Font). She was more like a strict jailer than a caring nurse, and forced her patient back to bed later that night when he went to shut Odi off.

Meanwhile, at the Hawkins home, Laura found herself becoming more and more uncomfortable with Anita. She would catch her smiling, and because she seemed like a better mother to Sophie. Anita also stared at the men while they bonded over their bikes while Laura was looking at them from another side of the house.

Later, Laura got called into her eldest daughter’s school. Matilda “Mattie” Hawkins (Lucy Carless) had been trying to modify one of the school’s synths. Her mother then punished her by going shopping with her that afternoon, as she knew that Mattie had done it. Later that night, Laura told her husband that she felt uncomfortable about Anita, but he brushed it away.

Later on, Toby Hawkins (The Stevenson), a teenager, tried to touch Anita, but she told him that he would be reported if so.

Meanwhile, Niska (Emily Berrington), sick and tired of her life at the brothel, attacked her client, removed her tracking chip, and set foot into the city. At the same time, Leo and Max ran from the car yard they were staying at, as Hobb had found their car.

The next morning, in answer to her mother’s question about Anita, Mattie told Laura that there was something off with Anita as she hadn’t shared data with another synth. However, Anita didn’t reply when asked about that. She started to have a strange expression when Laura asked if Anita took Sophie out the other night. Laura then called the store after Anita’s expression changed and told her that she would protect Sophie no matter what. After Laura saw Anita, who told Sophie that she would protect her after remembering a car accident in a river, hugging Sophie, Laura told Anita that she was going back, which made Anita smile.

Meanwhile, Max brought Leo to a public bathroom, where he used the energy to recharge Leo because Leo wasn’t just human, he was also a synth.

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Catch “Humans” on Channel 4 every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m.; and on AMC every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. starting on June 28, 2015.

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