‘Humans’ Season 1 Spoilers: What Will Happen To The Show’s Finale? EP Reveals Possible Plot For Season 2

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Humans’ Season 1 Spoilers: What Will Happen To The Show’s Finale? EP Reveals Possible Plot For Season 2
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AMC’s “Humans” season 1 finale is near and as expected, a lot of fans are anticipating the end of the British-American science fiction TV series—on the other hand,  the executive producers of the show, Jonathan Brackley, and Sam Vincent admits that they love seeing the fans watching their show as it was entertaining as the drama series itself. But, what will happen to “Humans” Season 1 finale? Read on for more details.

According to Brackley’s TVLine interview, they’ve been reading posts on Twitter and there were a couple of guesses that fit the “Humans” Season 1 finale. Fans are really spending their time looking ahead with the show and investigating its possible end. They definitely set down hints, but although they had right speculations, the team will still keep everything hidden to surprise the viewers, and besides, they are enjoying the wild guesses of the fans on social media.

Meanwhile, TVLine released an update about “Humans” season 1 finale. The spoiler indicates that Max character will be coming back to life, while Dr. David Elster’s family will join together to bring the synth-consciousness program to fruition. On the other hand, the character of Fred played by Sope Dirisu is revealed as a sleeper agent for Hobb, and with the help of the Hawkins’ family, the synths evade capture. In addition to these highlights, Emily Berrington’s conscious synth characters, Niska will decide to have it on her own way; later, fans will see that she has secretly taken a copy of the consciousness program with her.

On the other hand, the show’s executive producers, Vincent, and Brackley spilled some clues on what should viewers expect on the renewed series in its Season 2. Read on for the “Humans” Season 2 spoilers.

Vincent reveals that in the next season, they plan to get some ideas from the original story. They will treat the first season as a treasure chest than a blueprint. The EP also added that the team has so many ideas now that can surely compete with the previous story of “Humans.”

Meanwhile, when they were asked about whether William Hurt will be in the Season 2, Brackley simply answered that they will not going to rule anything out at this very moment. No matter what happens, they will always keep their work in the tone of the show.

Vincent added that one of the ways of approaching the anti-synth movement next season is to move the world a little bit, but not to the point of having a very long time jump—just a few months only. In Season 2, the show will be going to the next level. There will be lots of new things/stories that will be included in the next series.

Furthermore, the two were also asked why they decided to bring back Max’s character from the dead. Brackley admitted that it was because of Ivanno Jeremiah himself, as he did his character so well that it became so interesting, adding that they also want to do a machine-as-innocent character.

When it comes to the Hawkins family’s role in Season 2, Vincent said that the family is one of the great characters in the story that make the show well-grounded, so it’s a very big challenge for them to create stories that bring the Hawkins back into it.

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