‘Hunger Games’ Update: New Trailer to be Revealed Soon

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Hunger Games’ Update: New Trailer to be Revealed Soon

“Hunger games” the story of demented District 12 where to survive might just end up in you costing your life has something new up their sleeves and it is still not clear which way are they heading. Ever since “Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1” released, audiences have been waiting to know more about the second part and it seems the day isn’t that far when audiences will have their wish fulfilled.

According to Mashable, most of the entertainment news outlets including websites have received some content and merchandise related to “Hunger games” and have been wondering as to what could that mean. Mr. Josh Dickey from Mashable said that his morning started with when he saw a poster of the upcoming “Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2” where he could see the sign of mockingjay sprayed with red color and beneath that was a message about a revolution that was to begin and how the wealthy and extremely powerful capitol that has been ruling over the other districts must be defeated and brought down.

If that was not enough, Mr. Dickey was also sent a parcel that was delivered to him by a messenger just a couple of hours later. The mystery box had the logo of a mockingjay and had a lock that could only be opened with a number combination. Amazingly the mystery box was unlocked, thanks to the fans who were more then smart to figure out the combination and he mystery box had a couple of things locked inside it.

At the top it again had a photo of the mockingjay sprayed with red color but this time had a statue of President Snow’s statue that was apparently destroyed and the same message that said the Capitol has to be taken down and that the revolution has started. Along with that also present was a black mockingjay pin, a broken piece from the statue and a pen drive that unfortunately Mr. Dickey couldn’t open.

Whatever this is hinting at, but people around the world are expecting something huge and by something huge, it definitely hints at the official first look of the movie, which clearly has a crazy fan following everywhere.

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Photo source: Facebook/The Hunger Games

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