Hunger Games Wins 4 Awards at the MTV Movie Awards

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The MTV Movie Awards and The Twilight Sage had a good relationship. The franchise won its four consecutive awards for Best Movie and Best Kiss during last Sunday’s show. The last of the sage has been released and it looked like it is set to relinquish its throne to The Hunger games. The first movie of the Hunger Games has already surpassed all of the Twilight movies on the all-time domestic box office. It earned around $400 million before it was overtaken by Marvel’s The Avengers.
 Hunger Games

Last Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, host Russell Brand repeated Twilight and Hunger Games several times during his monologue. The Hunger Games won four MTV Movie Awards, which include Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, Best Fight and Best On-Screen Transformation. Despite being a tragic movie, the cast gave rousing acceptance speeches, which at one point saw Elizabeth Banks being carried by a shirtless Joe Manganiello.

Banks said that she’s a little perched and needs some water after she was surrounded by the cast of Magic Mike. Aside from Manganiello, Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey present her the Golden Popcorn for Best Female Performance.

Josh Hutcherson won the Best Male Performance, an award that was won in the past by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and Tom Cruise. During his acceptance speech, he said that he dreamed of holding a Golden Popcorn since he was 4 years old.

MTV News asked Hutcherson and Banks regarding the casting rumors of District 4 tribute Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. They both didn’t want to comment about it. Best Fight winner Alexander Ludwig said that he wants Ryan Reynolds to get the part.

Before the show started, Banks helped MTV After Hours reveal some of the lost audition tapes from the Hunger Games. It featured actors who didn’t make the cut, such as Chris Colfer, Chloe Grace Moretz, Clark Gregg, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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