‘Hunter X Hunter’ Hinted To Come Back? Manga Creator Released New Festival Illustration, Sign Of Recovery

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Hunter X Hunter’ Hinted To Come Back? Manga Creator Released New Festival Illustration, Sign Of Recovery
A new “Hunter X Hunter” festival illustration got recently posted that seemed to hint Yoshihiro Togashi’s health recovery.

“Hunter X Hunter” may have been hinted to come back as a new festival illustration of the hugely successful manga was spotted at Yoshihiro Togashi’s hometown. Has the creator finally recovered from his sickness? Read on to find out more.

“HXH” might be making a comeback after all.

A fan recently posted in his Twitter account of a new festival illustration of the manga after going to a summer festival in Togashi’s Shinjo, Yamagata home town.

Posted since Aug. 25, it already had 1,372 retweets and more than 1,300 favorites. One Twitter user got shocked after seeing the “Hunter X Hunter” festival illustration and said, “Togashi is alive !!!”

Crunchyroll also stated it could be some “signs of life” from the creator.

Readers worldwide have been waiting for the return of the manga after which Yoshihiro Togashi extended its hiatus due to back pain. Since then, there were no official announcements regarding its return date, Anime News Network reported.

As per report, it was said the staff behind the manga would update fans at a Shonen Jump cover issue once Togashi is ready to resume the series. And since there are no official announcements yet, the above Twitter post should be taken with a grain of salt.

Due to its seemingly long hiatus, various Japanese book stores that sold “Hunter X Hunter” series assumed that it was “finally finished.” Along with others, BookOff reportedly sold 32 volumes as “complete set” for $59-$63, according to a separate report by Anime News Network.

Except the staff, no one knew if Togashi cancelled the manga along the way. Apparently, its last chapter release (Chapter 349 “Loneliness”) suggested that there are more stories to tell.

Some may have given hope but others were adamant that it will return. It’s wiser though to wait patiently unless an official word comes out.

Once “Hunter X Hunter” returns, it would definitely be celebrated.

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Photo source: Salo via Flikr user xmoltarx|“Hunter X Hunter”

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