Hunter X Hunter Latest Updates, Erica Mendez Talks About Gon Freecs

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
Hunter X Hunter Latest Updates, Erica Mendez Talks About Gon Freecs
Hunter X Hunter Latest Updates, Erica Mendez Reveals Over Gon Freecs

Hunter X Hunter gains an immense popularity not just in Japan but all over the world. People have come to accept and like all the characters of the anime series. One of the prominent characters is Gon Freecs. The actress who has rendered her powerful voice to the character is none other than Erica Mendez.

Moving on, Erica Mendez discusses how she landed up with being the voice for Hunter X Hunter character Gon Freecs.

Voice Actor Reveals Connection With Hunter X Hunter Gon

Sharing her excitement, she tells that she has always carried deep interest in anime and has loved them since childhood. This has proved to be of great advantage which has worked in her favor. She tells that it is easier for the clients or directors to explain things to her. She can easily relate to the different characters and she does not need much of an explanation before she takes up the work.

Talking about her selection for the character Gon Freecs for Hunter X Hunter, she adds the first time she went through the scripts for Killua and Gon along with Menchi and Kurapika. With time the actress understood that Gon does not need to carry an extremely scratchy-voice. And this did not prove difficult for her, reports Latin Post. On the contrary, she gave the character a voice which is more girlish and appears naïve and full of happiness.

Meanwhile, Erica Mendez says that Hunter X Hunter carries one weird thing. And that is Hisoka. Apart from that she enjoys interacting with fans at her conventions. There she gets the opportunity to tell people about her interpretations of her character. And she is surprised to see their reactions on how she makes her character more real and lively.

Interesting enough, Hunter X Hunter’s 2011 version has managed to draw more fans from North America. All the things started with Viz bringing in the anime to the West through the Blu-Ray release. Moreover, the series was also provided with a slot on Toonami.

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