‘Hunter X Hunter’ Update: U.S. Home Video Release Discussed; Will Manga’s Aching Hiatus Finally End?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Hunter X Hunter’ Update: U.S. Home Video Release Discussed; Will Manga’s Aching Hiatus Finally End?
“Hunter x Hunter” home video release for US in discussion.

The US home video release of “Hunter x Hunter” was said to have been in discussion while its manga version was put on hold until now. Will the manga finally see the light of day within this year? Read on for more details.

No doubt Yoshihiro Togashi’s “Hunter x Hunter” was one of the most successful manga ever released by Shueisha in which the company managed to sell a whopping 65.8 million copies of it in Japan alone, according to records dated in February 2013.

But the franchise is not done yet because this record is set to be broken as Keisuke Miyata of Nippon Television International Content Sales reportedly went to the US last June to discuss a home video release in the American region.

The release date was not yet specified though, but the talk implied it could come out anytime after September.



Any diehard fan would really like to have a video home copy of “Hunter x Hunter.” However, what the fandom is really looking forward to is the resumption of its manga version.

Since its announcement of an indefinite hiatus last September 2014 due to Togashi’s medical condition, fans were left hanging as to when the long wait is going to end. And anyone who sees the “Hunter x Hunter” hiatus chart would certainly feel discouraged.

Technically, the manga’s arc is still not done. But Togashi has not yet released any statement that could, at least, ease the pain of this aching absence.

Fans over Manga Helpers expressed their sentiments, reflective of the general fandom, as it seemed the manga might be finally over. Although the original run of the hugely-popular series is listed to be ongoing, via Wikipedia, it could not be denied that the situation seemed to tell the opposite.

One fan, ‘dougbp,’ said, “I kept me reading the last 9 chapters this week. Come on, Toga-Sensei. Come back!”

‘Kanmuru’ also said, “Pls come back! Whatching DBChou is depressing.”

“From today on, i will watch 2 HxH episodes every day until i am through again and i really hope when i am through the manga will have started again,” “Hunter x Hunter” fan ‘shionoro’ said. “Well, as plus side, i am sure togashi had plenty of time to think the DC arc/arcs through. Actually, i am sure that togashi does work on HxH when he takes a hiatus, at least partially, he just doesn’t draw.”

Here’s to hoping “Hunter x Hunter” creator Yoshihiro Togashi hears these fans out.

Photo source: Official VAP anime site (Japanese)|“Hunter x Hunter”

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