Hustler Magazine willing to pay for Romney Returns

By admin | 6 years ago

The majority of the personal tax information for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues to be a mystery. However, Hustler the porn magazine believes something can be done to change that. On Sunday, Hustler, in a full page advertisement in a Washington newspaper, offered $1 million for information about the unreleased tax returns for Romney or details about bank accounts, offshore assets and any business partnerships.

The ad said, “What is he hiding?” The ad also appeared in the USA Today. In the ad is a hotline to call as well as an email and requests documented evidence. Confidentially is promised.

The tax records for Romney have become an important source for the Democratic Party to pressure Romney. Researchers for the opposition are hunting for any evidence or peculiar item that could be damaging politically to Romney. Harry Reid the Majority Leader in the Senate publically accused Romney of not paying federal tax for a number of years, based on his source whose identity Reid would not reveal.

Romney denied the charge by Reid and provided his own rebuttal. Romney said last month that he did not pay less than a 13% federal rate on his taxes over the last 10 years. He has released his tax return for 2010 and his 2011 estimated tax form. That is less than what prior candidates for the White House have disclosed, but his campaign said nothing further would be released.

Hustler has done this sort of thing prior to this. Last year the magazine asked for information about the sex life of Rick Perry the Texas Governor.

Romney’s campaign has declined to make a comment about the ad placed by Hustler.

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