Hysteria Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Hysteria Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]
Mena Suvari, May 2007

Hysteria” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” debuted on Amazon’s streaming service last Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. Subscribers will have their say on whether or not the show would move forward for a full season, and if it does, the show will come back for a full season streaming in 2015. For now, read the recap about what happened in the pilot episode below.

Dr. Logan Harlen (Mena Suvari) was in prison, talking to one of the inmates named Carter (T.R. Knight). He asked her about her work in Austin, and this is where the actual story opened.

A group of young girls were having fun inside the car one night. Except for the driver, Audra (Ella Rae Peck), who clearly had something else planned. She drove the car to this deserted warehouse, where they met with two older guys. There were dancers and they were to teach the girls — all of them dancers too — these new routines to win in an upcoming competition. But with booze around, the get-together became hot and heavy.

Then Audra set up her phone to record a video of herself dry humping one of the guys. This video was meant for someone else and Audra wanted to make him jealous. Another guy, meanwhile, was dry humping Audra’s younger sister, Cassie (Janessa Grant), who didn’t like what was happening. Suddenly, Cassie exhibited an epileptic spasm. When they got to the hospital, Cassie was still shaking. What was happening to her?

A pair of police officers were making the rounds on the street when one of them received a call. It was Audra and she was calling Ray (Josh Stewart) because she needed him right now. Didn’t Ray said he loved her? While Ray was talking on the phone, his partner was attacked by the homeless, which left him bleeding a lot.

The video of Cassie’s seizures was now online. How did it get there and who was cutting, splicing and uploading the videos? The image showed that it was a man with a tattooed hand. Was it one of the guys from earlier?

Meantime, Ray went home and told his wife about what happened to his partner. His wife had bad news herself. It’s about a video Audra may have sent mistakenly to her. Ray’s wife thought that it was creepy. Their former baby sitter was dry humping someone on the video.

Back at the hospital, another girl, Tionne (Ashja Cooper) was brought in with the same seizure problems. She was one of the girls from Audra’s and Cassie’s dance group, too. Where have they gone that evening? What did they do to trigger this? Was there anyone else with the same seizures?

Cassie was awake. Despite her seizures, she could already talk and blamed Audra for what was happening to them. Audra decided to report the events to the police, so she went with her parents to the station where they were taken care of by Ray. She narrated why they went to the factory and how the guys they were with violated them. But Audra was also taunting Ray with her statement. It’s hinted that they’ve had a sexual relationship.

At the request of the hospital chief, Dr. Logan arrived at Austin and immediately checked on the girls. As a psychologist, Dr. Logan was not at all empathic. She said empathy makes her job less effective, as she cannot be emotionally attached to her patients.

In a meeting with the parents of the girls, she concluded that the patients were not faking the symptoms. They were indeed experiencing physical manifestations, but it was of a condition that may be just in their heads. She called it the conversion disorder. The parents cannot believe what the doctor just said. The community became alarmed, but the police assured them that this was not contagious. But still, what was causing this?

One of the mothers knew Dr. Logan back when they were younger and she related to the rest of the parents that Logan’s best friend was killed and her brother was on death row for it. It became national news then.

In the morning, Audra was again at the deserted warehouse, drowning her sorrows with booze and Ray met her there. He told her to stop sending anything to his wife. It’s hinted that despite Ray’s protest, the two proceeded to have sex. You can watch the confrontation in the video below.

As Logan was talking to the hospital chief about going back to Houston because she felt uncomfortable working in Austin, a patient arrived exhibiting spasm and seizures, just like the girls. His hand had tattoos, the very same ones that the guy uploading the video had! According to his companion, he had been watching the videos of Cassie’s spasm all day, all night, over and over.

Logan then told the chief that she made a mistake with her earlier assessment and this incident may be worse than she originally thought. The fact was that if anyone can get sick by just watching the video, then this literally has become a “viral sensation.”

The final scene was back at the prison and Dr. Logan was actually visiting her brother, who convinced her to finish the job in Austin and find out what’s really happening to the girls.

That’s it for the pilot offering of “Hysteria,” which has been released on Amazon last Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. So, do you think this show warrants more episodes? If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can actually have your say on this and rate the show.

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