Hyun Bin To Star in ‘Cooperation’ As His Comeback Film

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Hyun Bin To Star in ‘Cooperation’ As His Comeback Film
Actor Hyun Bin arrives at the red carpet event of the Pifan in Bucheon on July 17, 2014. July 25, 2014. 23:58:03. Wikimedia Commons/https://www.flickr.com/photos/koreanet/Uploaded by Puramyun31

Comebacks are never an easy thing to do, especially if one is active in the entertainment industry. However, for male South Korean actors, comebacks and planning ahead for their comebacks, if they wish to remain within the entertainment industry must be done due to the fact that they all have to serve their mandatory two years in the military. Afterwards, the star in question must be able to pick good roles and projects in order to launch themselves once again into the entertainment industry. In the case of “Secret Garden” star Hyun Bin, since getting discharged, he was been in several projects, and just recently, it was reported that he has finally chosen the next film project that he will be part of. Read on to learn what Hyun Bin’s next project will be.

Recently, according to K Drama Stars, Hyun Bin’s agency, O & Entertainment, has announced that he will finally be making a comeback to the silver screen after two years of being absent from it, as his last film was in 2014.

According to them, Hyun Bin’s comeback film will be entitled “Cooperation,” which, according to Soompi, will be produced by JK Film. They will be allotting a huge budget for this film, which they spent four years to develop.


The film will revolve around the historic first joint investigation between North and South Korea.

According to K Drama Stars, Hyun Bin will be portraying the character Lim Cheol Ryung, a North Korean defector.

Fans of the “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” star will, however, be pleased with this upcoming film. It was reported on Soompi that the film will allow the actor to showcase his capabilities as an action star, thanks to the many intricate stunts that he would have to pull off in the film.

A few months ago, K Drama Stars also reported that the actor was considering joining a Hollywood biopic project on General Douglas MacArthur, who was a prominent figure in the Korean War, in which he would be portraying a Korean Special Forces officer.


If Hyun Bin had joined the project, the actor would have had to speak English in the film, which he had done before, and might have starred alongside the likes of Liam Neeson, who was rumored to have been approached to play MacArthur.

Filming for “Cooperation” will begin early in 2016, and according to K Drama Stars, “Ode to My Father’s” Yoon Je Kyun will be directing the film.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/https://www.flickr.com/photos/koreanet/Uploaded by Puramyun31 

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