I Do Movie Review

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I Do Movie ReviewI Do tackles controversial issues such as gay marriage and illegal immigration. It is a drama/comedy about an expatriate Brit who goes into a fake marriage in order to stay in the United States even if he loves another man. The characters are sympathetic enough to attract the gay audiences.

I Do is written by David W. Ross, who also stars as the main character Jack. Jack is a photographer who is happy with his lifestyle in New York. But when his brother Peter (Grant Bowler) died because of an accident, he has to take care of Peter’s pregnant girlfriend Mya (Alicia Witt) and her young daughter Tara (Jessica Brown).

To add to his problems, the US immigration agents are asking him to go back to UK and apply for residency in the United States from there. His lawyer suggests that he should marry a US citizen so that he can remain in the country. So he asks his lesbian friend Alison (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and she reluctantly agrees to his plea. It is going in Jack’s favor until he falls in love with a Spaniard and US citizen Manu (Maurice Comte). He starts to act carelessly that the immigration authorities are suspicious about his fake marriage.

I Do wants to show that Jack can stay in the United States if he marries a woman but not another man. The movie manages to feature well-drawn relationships between the characters of the film, especially Jack’s role as the gay uncle to Mya’s daughter.

Ross plays the main character well but it seems like he has written the character in order to showcase his buff physique by wearing minimum clothing in several scenes. Sigler doesn’t seem to have a handle on her character. On the other hand, Witt and Mickey Cottrell gives out solid supporting performances.

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