Iceman Shawn Ashmore Keen On Doing A Standalone Iceman Film; Are Spinoffs Really On Studio’s Mind?

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago

Shawn Ashmore who has played Iceman in “X-Men” films is keen on doing a solo film. Read on for more details.

It is unclear what 20th Century Fox are planning to do with their hugely popular X-Men franchise post the final film in the new trilogy “X-Men Apocalypse.” It is slated to release in 2017. Actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, who play lead characters Professor X and Magneto respectively, have reportedly signed on for more films in the franchise. However, whether those films are spin-offs or further sequels has not been revealed yet.

Other Marvel franchise of “The Avengers” has been clear about its plan from the day the first Iron Man film was released in 2008. They set out a decade full of films either of “The Avengers” or solo films of its characters. Same has not happened that effectively for “X-Men,” and we don’t know how the franchise will turn out after 2017.

They may take the anthology path, which will be the thing of the future as Disney, has planned it with much anticipated “Star Wars” revival. On that path, they can explore the characters of famous X-Men in standalone films. They have received success with “The Wolverine” series and a film on Gambit is already in production.

According to, Shawn Ashmore, who has played Iceman in the “X-Men” films has expressed his desire to return to the role in a solo film. He said he would definitely do the film if Fox makes it.

“I love that character, I love the Marvel universe, especially the last couple of films. I was so excited about Days of Future Past when I heard about that – it was so exciting for me, so if that was ever an opportunity? Absolutely,” Ashmore added.

Although, Ashmore has admitted that an Iceman solo movie will probably be the last film on the studio’s mind right now. He said that X-Men work best as a team and without Professor X the story will lose direction.

Wolverine was always a kind of rebel and had an extensive backstory before meeting Charles Xavier, thus his story did justice as a standalone.

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