Identity Thief Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Identity Thief MovieIdentity Thief is not amusing and totally forgettable movie that banks on its stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Bateman is Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a man from Denver and father of two with a third one on the way. He earns around $50,000 a year working for a big investment company. He is named for baseball pitcher Sandy Koufax but he is mocked by strangers who think it is a girly name.

McCarthy is Diana, the identity thief from Florida. She believes in retail therapy and likes to treat an entire bar to tequila. She steals Sandy’s name and credit cards just when he’s starting a new job. Because of the theft, he is implicated in a drug investigation and the police go to his office. He decides to go to Florida and take care of the matter once and for all.

It is not hard to track down the imposter but trying to bring her back to Denver turns out to be hard. She sold some of the credit cards to the wrong person and the guy has ordered a hit on her. And this is why a skip tracer is on her trail.

Identity Thief starts on an ugly note. Sandy hits Diana in the head and she kicks him in the crotch and punches his throat. Then it becomes a road trip comedy. Finally, it becomes a buddy flick with tears and lessons learned by the characters.

Identity Thief is a halfhearted comedy that often repeats jokes about Sandy’s virility. Jon Favreau has a cameo as an executive who gives himself and others big bonuses while neglecting the small people who need them the most.

Identity Thief also stars Amanda Peet as Sandy’s wife, Eric Stonestreet as a stranger they meet at a bar, Robert Patrick as the skip tracer, and John Cho as one of Sandy’s coworkers.

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