Iggy Azalea Removes A$AP Tattoo for Nick Young? Couple Ready to Tie the Knot!

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Iggy Azalea Removes A$AP Tattoo for Nick Young? Couple Ready to Tie the Knot!
Iggy Azalea performing at the Irving Plaza in New York City, as part of her The New Classic Tour (2014).

 Iggy Azalea joins the list of celebrities who recently got their tattoo removed. Now that things are apparently getting serious between the “Black Widow” singer and Laker boyfriend Nick Young, she’s more than ready to start fresh and leave her past with A$AP Rocky behind. Are the two getting married anytime soon? 

The rapper finally got her “A$AP Rocky” tattoo removed last Tuesday. TMZ reports that she visited the office of “tattoo removal king” Dr. Tattoff and left with a bandage on her left pinky finger where the A$AP tattoo was previously sighted.

The two decided to get a matching album tattoo back when they were still dating in 2011. If others got couple rings, they got a his and hers tat. Iggy’s own album, “The New Classic,” was inked on her right hand while her former beau’s “Live Love A$AP” was on her left.

When they realized that nothing is permanent, except for Iggy’s tattoo, the couple decided to go their separate ways in 2012. To seal the deal, Iggy decided to put a big black “X” through the word A$AP.

Now that Azalea and Young are getting quite cozy, do you think the athlete demanded that she got her tat removed? Could he be jealous of A$AP?

One thing’s for sure, the couple are not just playing games. They actually just bought a house together! (Trivia: The property was previously owned by pop star Selena Gomez.)

In an interview with Du Jour, the sports star was very candid about the prospect of starting a family with Azalea. Young was also very upfront about pushing things forward and said that they talked about marriage “a couple of times.”

“Growing up I always wanted to be married and have a family, and it’s difficult. I ask them every day how they do it. It’s a process. Me and Iggy just bought a house. We’ve been getting really close lately. I’ve never been with somebody like this. So, I’m taking it as a challenge,” Young tells Du Jour.

Should Nick Young put a ring on it already? Sound off in the comments below!

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