Iggy Azalea Talks about Falling in Love with Nick Young in Vogue Interview

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

When someone is in love, they can apparently break all barriers set upon them. For Iggy Azalea, she broke quite a cultural barrier upon falling for Nick Young. So what is it about Young that made her fall for him?

In her interview with Vogue magazine for its April 2015 issue, Iggy Azalea reveals more about herself, from being a child prodigy into a hit rapper at the age of 24. But despite all odds, she admits to not being much of a fashionable girl and prefers to keep things simple. This may also be because due to her rather unique figure, she doesn’t get to always try on her preferences.

For her first Vogue feature, Azalea was asked 73 questions about her life, in part of Vogue‘s ‘73 Questions’ series. And as expected, she was asked about her boyfriend. Azalea is currently in a relationship with LA Lakers forward-guard Nick Young. Their relationship created quite a stir among many people as they pondered on the idea of a white Australian girl like Azalea going out with an African-American like Young.

When asked of what she loves about Young, Azalea didn’t even waste time in thinking for an answer and immediately replied, “What made me fall for Nick is he’s completely wacky, spontaneous and insane.” Definitely a list of traits suited for a cool girl like her!

Although, Azalea may have forgotten the word ‘protective’ on her list, as Young is reportedly quite protective of her and goes all out in defending her. In one incident when SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores said that Azalea is “trying to kill hip hop”, Young took to Twitter to defend her and bash Flores. This is probably one of the reason why Azalea answered ‘Twitter’ when she was asked of what she believes is the most important website. But then again, this didn’t stop her from quitting on using both Twitter and Instagram due to bashes about her figure last month.

What do you think of Nick Young’s traits that Iggy Azalea listed down to be what she liked about him? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Justin Higuchi


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