Illinois GOP Chair Resigns Over Gay Marriage Controversy

By admin | 6 years ago

Pat Brady, the Illinois chairman of the Republican Party has announced he resigned on Tuesday amidst the controversy over the support he gave legislation for gay marriage.

It had been thought Brady would drop from the lead role of the GOP following a controversial period that pitted social moderates in the Republican Party against fellow social conservative in the party.

The Illinois legislature has legislation pending for same-sex marriage and this year Brady voiced support for the pending legislation despite the state GOP platform having a plant that says marriage should be between just a male and a female.

Brady made a personal endorsement of the legislation, not as the chairman of the state Republican Party, but Republican conservatives at the top of the party made complaints very quickly.

Although Brady was able to survive the immediate attempts at dumping him, it was clear his fate was sealed after a meeting in April of GOP leaders that set up a succession plan.

Matt Murphy a State Senator was talked about as a replacement for Brady, but he withdrew his name for consideration on Monday. Murphy is a potential candidate for governor of the state and holding a party post would have created a conflict of interest.

Brady, upon stepping down, gave thanks to Mark Kirk,  a Republican U.S. Senator who won the former seat of President Obama in 2010 and other leaders of the GOP.

Brady’s resignation is just the latest problem for the GOP that had held the governorship of Illinois for close to 25 years until  then-Governor George Ryan was indicted and imprisoned for his tenure as the Illinois Secretary of State.

Losses in the elections in November of 2012 also gave the Democrats majorities that were veto proof in both the Senate and House in Illinois.

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