Immigration Reform receives support of more than 100 Economists

By admin | 5 years ago

Over 100 conservative economists said they would call on the members of Congress to approve the immigration reform bill, highlighting the many possible economic benefits.

On Thursday, the American Action Forum, will release a letter, which is the latest attempt from conservative economists, who have seen a division in their ranks on the overhaul immigration that is currently in the Senate.

The AAF economists wrote in their letter that the positive impact of immigration reform would be seen through labor force growth, population growth, housing growth and in other markets, which would lead to the country’s economic growth picking up. This, wrote the economists, will in turn be positive for the federal budget.

The total signing the letter was 111. The economists mentioned the Congressional Budget Office, which is nonpartisan, in noting that the immigration legislation could increase the economic growth over the next 10 years by 0.1% and lower the government deficit by some $300 billion.

The Senate’s legislation, which would be the biggest change of immigration law in the U.S. in over a generation, has divided the Republican Party.

Some GOP members agree with the proposed pathway to citizenship in the bill for the nearly 11 million people currently living inside the U.S. without proper legal status.

However, others want the focus to be on enforcement. Opponents to the legislation say the reform will just draw additional immigrants into the country illegally.

The Heritage Foundation, which is conservative, released a detailed report earlier this month suggesting that immigrants would cost taxpayers over $6.3 trillion more than what they would pay through taxes during their lifetimes.


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