In Touch Magazine Slammed for Editing Bruce Jenner’s Face [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
In Touch Magazine Slammed for Editing Bruce Jenner’s Face [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/jla0379/March 2011 | L’ex-athlète Bruce Jenner en 2011.

In Touch magazine has been criticized for editing Bruce Jenner’s face on their January 2015 cover, making him appear to be a woman. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

In Touch faced a backlash from critics, particularly Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife Kris Jenner, for portraying the former Olympic decathlete gold medalist as a woman in one of their January weekly magazine covers.

“BRUCE JENNER’S TRANSFORMATION: HOW DOES HE PLAN ON COMING OUT AS A WOMAN?” the headline read, followed by a series of photographs detailing how much the Jenner patriarch’s face has morphed into a feminine variant over the years.

The front page image depicts Bruce’s face superimposed over the outline of British actress Stephanie Beacham’s photo, wearing a red coat, blue scarf and pink lipstick.

In the accompanying article, In Touch claims they have the scoop over Bruce’s alleged plan to come out as a transgender this year, debuting this gender reassignment news with a full spread of his new look for 2015 in The Advocate.

On their part, The Advocate denies this allegation, and other tabloids immediately picked up the story.

“Intouch you guys are truly and positively scum of the earth this is why my subscription has been cancelled,” reader Nikki Nikki wrote on Facebook.

“You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves, InTouch. With the climate of how trans* people are treated, in the wake of Leelah Alcorn, you somehow give the go ahead for this lie of a story and immaturely alter the photo,” Missy Nieto accused. “You should hang your heads in abject shame and pray there is someone who might forgive your perpetuating the hatred. You are disgusting.”

“It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true,” Jenner’s ex-wife Kris has said, as published on TMZ. The Kardashian momager has expressed her outrage and disgust over the magazine’s haphazard reporting and their damaging alterations to Jenner’s picture.

Here’s a video report of Bruce Jenner’s edited face here:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/jla0379

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