InAPPropriate is the Right Title for this Comedy

By admin | 6 years ago

InAPPropriateInAPPropriate is a sketch comedy movie that features racially insensitive and sexually inappropriate skits that are not really funny. It stars Adrien Brody alongside Lindsay Lohan. The title is wordplay on cell phone apps. A mobile phone connects the sketches as a person uses the various apps.

The Flirty Harry app features Brody as a gay version Dirty Harry. Blackass is a black version of Jackass. The Porno Review has Rob Schneider and Michelle Rodriguez as critics giving their reviews on bad porn movies.

There are some things that work in InAPPropriate. The guys of Blackass get on dumpsters and race downhill until they reach a sewage treatment plant. The Porno Review takes on a Japanese movie dubbed with mismatched dialogue.

Stereotypes are aplenty in inAPPropriate. Ari Shaffir’s The Amazing Racist has him wearing KKK robes as he plays a priest and tries to get shoppers at a Jewish store sign a petition to apologize for killing Jesus. He also tries to convince black people to get on a free, one-way boat ride back to Africa. He says they will be given free fried chicken and watermelon for their journey.

Shaffir could have taken the bit a notch higher by staging fights with the offended or showing footage of people he interviews while in character and get their reactions. All he does in the movie is confronting actors who can’t adlib their way out of the jam.

Lindsay Lohan looks sad and unhealthy as she dresses like Marilyn Monroe while wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet. Brody’s parts are not funny that you might wonder why he chose to do the movie in the first place. The movie is a total waste of time. It you value your time, better stay away from this abomination. Don’t be misled by the funny trailer.

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