‘The Incredibles 2’: New Rumors About The Story

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’: New Rumors About The Story
The Incredibles 2

It’s been almost a year since it was announced that there will be a sequel for the 2004 hit, “The Incredibles,” but shooting for the movie hasn’t begun yet. There is a new rumor doing rounds now that the sequel will include the character Underminer from the first part and the story will begin five years after the events of the first movie.

The sequel for “The Incredibles” was announced in March 2014, and fans have since been on the look out for any news about the new movie. While the Writer and Director, Brad Bird hasn’t been very forthcoming about the movie, he has revealed that the story will be character-driven and he will go easy on the special effects. He also told sources that he wouldn’t talk about the project too much to avoid turning “The Incredibles 2” into “a footnote or commentary on the current state of the superhero genre.”

It is obvious that Brad Bird will make a movie that is going to comment on the current state of the superhero genre and the mammoth task of raising kids with special skills. It will probably also satirize the problems faced by families with rebellious teenagers.

It was previously revealed that the incredibles family will have trouble dealing with the youngest in the family, Jack- Jack. Now an insider revealed to the wikia website that the plot would revolve around Bob aka Mr. Incredible and his wife, Helen who is known as Elastigirl. They will be seen spending their time to raise their third child Jack-jack while fighting crimes from time to time. Also, it is has been made known that the sequel will be set five years from the time of the original film. It is said that the movie will also feature the characters, Frozone and Underminer.

Although the official release dates are yet to be announced, Pixar has listed two dates for the movie, November 22, 2017 and June 15, 2018.

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