‘The Incredibles 2’ Plot: 3 Possible Ways On How It Will Be A Moving, Family Story

By Martin Suan | 3 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’ Plot: 3 Possible Ways On How It Will Be A Moving, Family Story
Brad Bird meets Francis Ford Coppola for “The Incredibles 2” and “Megalopolis” talks?

“The Incredibles 2” director and writer Brad Bird recently shared that he wants the film to focus on the Parr family and other characters, which made others draw some more clues about the possible plot of the animated film. What would be the plot for the sequel then? Read on for more details.

Brad Bird said that the interesting part about “The Incredibles 2” was never the super hero thing.

“It was more the family dynamic, and how do superhero things play into that. So [‘The Inrcedibles 2’] is a step further in that direction,” Bird said, according to Movie Pilot.

Bird also noticed that though there were many movies having “a lot of fireballs,” they don’t have that much effect on the audience. This was because “fireballs” were not that exciting unless people cared about the characters in the film.

“The Incredibles:” Grounded And Relatable

It could not be denied that “The Incredibles” was one of Pixar’s most popular movies, raking box office figures over $6 million. And what made it appealing for the audience was not because of the superheroes or the “fireballs,” but due to its characters.

Most of the scenes in “The Incredibles” showed a superhero Dad who lived like an ordinary father, choosing to work in a job, even if it gets boring, just to go home to his family. It’s those kinds of scenes that showed the reality of life after a heroic deed that made the movie very grounded and relatable.

So when it comes to “The Incredibles 2,” others are expecting it to be a moving, family story. And to make it moving, a possible tragedy of betrayal is deemed possible.

Three Possible Ways That Might Transpire To Make “The Incredibles 2” A Moving, Family Story

How Bird intended to do this was still not confirmed, but rumors claim that one of the Parr family members would turn against them, Ecumenical News reported.

Furthermore, Bird reportedly believed that character depth and realistic relationships have powerful impact, which is why the villain was expected to have some family connections.

Three things were rumored to transpire to make it a moving, family story:

  1. Mr. Incredible’s vengeful enemy Syndrome, speculated to survive the blast, would manipulate Jack-Jack to turn against the Parr family.
  2. Though Jack-jack as an enemy could be possible, Violet or Dash, who were expected to be grownups already in “The Incredibles 2,” might also turn against their parents, Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl.
  3. If not one of the Parr family members, others speculated that Mr. Incredible might end up fighting against his best friend, Frozone, in the final battle. Frozone was previously confirmed to make a comeback in “The Incredibles” sequel.

No one entirely knows how things would turn out in the upcoming sequel; therefore, all of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

And as for its release date, “The Incredibles 2” is speculated to hit theaters in November 2017 or June 2018.

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