‘The Incredibles 2’: Plot of the Movie Confirmed; Children of the Superhero Team Will Manage Both School and Being the Next Superheroes

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’: Plot of the Movie Confirmed; Children of the Superhero Team Will Manage Both School and Being the Next Superheroes

“The Incredibles 2,” sequel to the 2004 hit “The Incredibles” has been in the making for a very long time now. Director Brad Bird too cited the reason for delay as lack of good concept with which he could take the franchise ahead. Everything has been kept under wraps. However, Bird once mentioned that he has the perfect story to take the franchise ahead. Some very little information has somehow revealed a few details of what the fans will be seeing in the sequel. Read on.

According to The Bitbag, who quoted a report from i09 stated that there are two ways the sequel could start. Producers could decide to pick up right where they left the first movie or give it a completely different storyline.

Going with the first option, the kids would still be kids and Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl would be running the ropes being a superhero and simultaneously parenting their three kids as well. However according to the second option, the parents would start to take a bit easy and slowly pass on the baton to their kids Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack would surely come into the picture later. It was because that is one character whose innocence and young age still could go in different directions. One such direction is the villain side, which has been reported quite a few times. It would be interesting to see Dash and Jack-Jack or Violet and Jack-Jack engaged in a duel where maybe the older siblings realize that it’s their baby brother after all.

Until now it is being reported that the producers will be going with the second option and decide to age the family a bit. It is in a way makes them unique because in many superhero movies leaving a few all we see is immortal heroes in their superhero chamber doing what they do best. So with that happening the kids will be taking on the superhero reigns and multitask between fighting crime and completing school assignments.

About the release date of the movie, Venture Capital Post reported that the movie would see a premiere date in either 2017 or 2018. Either way both the dates give its makers and director Brad Bird enough time to conceptualize, shoot and edit the movie that everyone has been waiting for such a long time.

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