‘The Incredibles 2’ Rumored Release Date On 2017; To Focus On Jack Jack’s Teenage Years

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’ Rumored Release Date On 2017; To Focus On Jack Jack’s Teenage Years
The Incredibles

The release date of the much awaited “The Incredibles 2” movie might still be under wraps, but recent spoilers and updates have been released in several online sites to feed the curiosity of fans. Read on.

According to Christianity Daily, Pixar has recently reserved two released dates: Nov. 22, 2017 and June 15, 2018. The website speculated that the one of these dates were for “The Incredibles 2” while the other was for “Cars 3.” The official release date is expected to be announced at the D23 Expo in Aug. 2015.

“The Incredibles” director Brad Bird has yet to confirm or deny that a sequel is already on its way. Bird, however, said that Pixar didn’t just produce movie sequels to make more money. He later added that he would be more than happy to direct the sequel if given the chance.

“I would like to think that I have several good ideas that could be incorporated into a next ‘Incredibles,’ but I don’t have a whole movie yet,” he told Inquistr.

Since there have yet to be news updates on the sequel, some fans took to social media to share what they thought would happen next in the franchise. Many believed that the next movie will focus less on Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and more on the adventures of the youngest member of the family, Jack-Jack. Since “The Incredibles 2” is said to be set 12 years after its predecessor, which means that Jack-Jack is now in his teens and experiencing difficulties controlling his super powers. Realty Today even entertained the idea that Jack-Jack might turn out to be a villain.

There you have it for the latest news on “The Incredibles 2.” Do you think the sequel will focus on Jack-Jack’s story? Sound off in the comments below.

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