The Incredibles 2: Superhero Family Fight Old Friend Turned Enemy, Frozone?

By Angeline Sajini Ramanan | 1 year ago
The Incredibles 2: Superhero Family Fight Old Friend Turned Enemy, Frozone?
The Incredibles 2 – Frozone

The Incredibles movie came out in 2004, and fans are eager to see their favorite superhero family in action again. The sequel, The Incredibles 2 is expected to release in the next two years and pre-production work is on in full swing.

The Incredibles consists of a Superheroes, Bob Parr- Mr.Incredible, Helen Parr – ElastiGirl, daughter, Violet – Invisibility and force field, son Dash – super speed and the baby Jack Jack- shapeshifting.

In the original, they went up against villain Syndrome supported by family friend Frozone. The entire core group will return in the sequel. It is expected that the children would have grown older and the movie will focus on their teenage and adult lives.

In an recent interview to Collider, the film’s director Brad Bird confirmed that the film is currently in scripting stage and a small team is currently working on the story points. He did not divulge any detail regarding the story or release date but he did leave some hints about the storyline though.

He said with a superhero movie releasing every week, The Incredibles 2 will take que from the original and will explore the human side of Superheroes, their family life and everyday suburban pressures.

The new film will have some old timers like Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone) returning as cast member.

With no details about the story, ITechPost reports some fan fiction and rumors floating around. According to a particular rumor, the Parr family will fight their old friend Frozone, who gets tired of being Mr.Incredible’s sidekick and becomes a villain.

Some expect the Underminer to make an appearance. Also there is a very interesting fan fiction which says that Jack Jack will embrace his shapeshifting abilities and turn evil. Anyone who saw the baby turn into the devil in the climax of The Incredibles will agree to this theory.

With the film in scripting now, fans can expect more updates soon.

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