‘Independence Day 2’ Shifted for an Earlier Opening

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘Independence Day 2’ Shifted for an Earlier Opening

Experience the shift in the release date once more as 20th Century Fox is moving the theater opening of “Independence Day 2” on an earlier dateline. Read on for more details to this scoop.

There are some occurrences in Hollywood wherein the original date for a film’s release gets shifted for an earlier or a later opening. With this, premiere date reshuffling is pretty common. It’s why it comes to no surprise that 20th Century Fox made their announcement that they will be changing the release date for “Independence Day 2.” Instead of the film opening within the week of the Independence Day holiday, July, 1 2016, the studio is moving it up to June 24, 2016.

Cinema Blend reported the film's change of release date based on the feature decimated my Box Office Mojo. The “Independence Day” sequel, which was originally slated for the Independence Day holiday weekend, was given an earlier release by the studio, 20th Century Fox. This isn’t entirely a huge change, but it is believed to be “a bad omen for Hollywood watchers.” The holiday, July 4, 2014, beholds the coming of spectacular films that stretched throughout history. Looking back, “Independence Day” premiered on the very weekend and was followed by “Men In Black.” Both films were high grossing in the box office standing and were starred by none other than Will Smith, gaining him the Mr. July title.

Be that as it may, the studio did not give an elaborate explanation for pulling off the changes. We can only assume that it was done for the purpose of fulfilling their marketing strategy. As a result, the film will then be facing Universal’s reboot of “The Mummy.” Moreover, they will be going head-to-head with Marvel Studios more than a week or so later, as they the studio will be releasing one of their slated superhero films on July 8, 2016. (via Slash Film)

According to Screen Rant's previous feature, “Independence Day 2” will be focused on how humanity was able to gain access to the knowledge of the alien technology that they’ve acquired on the first film. Proceeding subsequent to such events, humanity will then harness the same technology to refute further alien invasions which will lead to the expansion of the alien mythology. There’s still no update if Will Smith is coming back to reprise his role. However, his co-stars Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are.

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